About Poems 2 the Point

Poetry is as old as civilization. You will find a wide variety of poems in every culture – in their songs, words of wisdom, legends of the past and even as a way to teach children. It spans society from rich to poor, from children’s rhymes to sports and academics.

We cannot escape poetry. It pervades our lives at home, work, and play.

Some may say that it is not their cup of tea, while also saying that they love music, which is poetry. Others think it is a waste of time. Nevertheless, we all will encounter meaningful poetry at some point that will lift our spirits, inspiring us with something to hang on to during moments of desperation.

The roots of “Poems 2 the Point” trace back to an event when as a young child my “mom” asked my “dad” to write a nice note to someone. With that event, I started to understand the impact of poetry in … nice notes.

At “Poems 2 the Point” we strive to share something for every occasion. Perhaps you are looking for poems to touch you in times of joy or sadness – to encourage you, on days of tears or those full of love. Poetry is like a fine wine, it should be savored – it is meant for meditation, learning and awakening. Please come back often to “Poems 2 the Point” and share our poetry with those in need.

Thank you for visiting Poems 2 the Point. May your visit be rewarding!

What's immortal on this earth?
Growth, strength and beauty will have their last
As there's no continuation after any birth.
But may it be known that poetry
Shall remain and go into an undying past.