Art and Acceptance Poems - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 13, 2016.

In art we find tranquility and passion. When words are not adequate to communicate what the heart is feeling, poetry and music open new dimensions. Enjoy the following Poems 2 the Point and share them with someone special.


Now that you have accepted
My love
I have to declare that
You inspire
Me more than all of the
Waltzes and

Know this my Precious,
Understand this my Beloved
“The William Tell”
Cannot override your presence,
“The Blue Danube”
Cannot even come close to your beauty and
“The Beethoven's 5th”
Cannot stir up more emotions than your embrace.

My pen shall not rest
Until I have written
The last note of our
Duetto della nostra vita l'amore.

The Arts and Loving

Without your affection
There is nothing to share and
“The Night Watch” becomes just a canvas,
“The Thinker” becomes just a rock and
“The Nutcracker” becomes just a whistle.

Come back, my Love,
Return to me, my Precious, and
Let us share once more
The arts and the art of loving.

Life Without the Arts

Our world would be empty,
Our minds would be dormant and
Our lives would be unbearable.
It would be like
Ships without cargo,
Caravans without merchandise and
Clouds without rain.
What would you do with
A harp without strings?
An organ without pipes and
A trumpet without valves?
What would you do in
A world without the arts?

The Art of Reading

A man may
Appreciate the beauty of a woman
When he is a youngster, but
Trying to read her?
Even at an old age ...
It shall prove that
His years were inadequate.

Arts and Travels

Arts and travels are feeding the mind.
Arts without travels is only a sketch and
Travels without the arts is only a morning stroll.
One feeds the other and
One without the other ...
Both will be utterly limited.
Expand your mind,
Conquer horizons and
Enjoy the arts.

There Is No Brush

There is no brush
That can paint your stunning beauty.
Nor is there a chisel
That can shape your breathtaking silhouette,
And every pen will fail to record
Your unmatched charm.

If I Were a Troubadour

If I were a troubadour
I would entertain you.
If I were a singer
I would serenade you.
If I were a dancer
I would ask you
To tango with me.
But … would you accept
My whispering words of adoration and
My sentences of tenderness?

Reaching Across the Oceans

Keep a smile on your face,
Have a melody in your heart and
Maintain a symphony for your spirit.
Then and only then ...
Can you reach across the oceans.

Sculptures, Paintings and

Sculptures are to be admired,
Paintings are to be appreciated and
Symphonies are to be cherished.
But you ...
You are
Above all sculptures,
Beyond any painting and
Treasured more than all symphonies.

Enrich Your ...

Enrich your mind and
Try to understand the arts.

Be Sympathetic

Be sympathetic to the arts,
Bring a meal to a poet.

A Poet

A poet without paper and a pen,
Is a patriarch
Without kindred and a clan.

Reciting My Heart

Call me, my precious,
Summon me, my love, and
I will recite my heart.

Poems, Love and Deeds

Poems of love without deeds are just words.
Poems of love with deeds are beyond words.

Inner Stillness

Precious music gives
Inner stillness in a noisy world.

© François DulaPay

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