Compatibility Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 19, 2016.

Relationships achieving great depth come at a price. Here is the contradiction in compatibles. Reward is linked to sacrifice and victory is the result of struggle. May these Poems 2 the Point cause you to pause for a moment and reflect.

Hunger Is ...

Hunger is linked to satisfaction,
Satisfaction is linked to work,
Work is linked to sacrifice,
Sacrifice is linked to peace and
Peace is linked to war.

Stimulate Wholesome ...

Stimulate wholesome thinking,
Go places,
Travel and live!

At the Grave

Life comes to a full circle.
Yet, it is left empty handed.

As Much As ...

As much as
A baby cannot cry before birth,
So shall be those in authority
With their reasonable demands.

Is a Fish Afraid ...

Is a fish afraid of water?
Is a bird afraid of heights?
Is a horse afraid of speed?
And so, I am not afraid
To conquer your love!

Are Not Ravines ...

Are not ravines implying danger?
Are not vultures signaling death and
Are not graves saying good-bye?
Simple …

We are finished!

Is Not a Circle ...

Is not a circle round?
Has a square not four corners and
Has a triangle not three sides?

Well then, why don't you believe me?

Patience in a Stork?

Do we motivate patience in a stork?
Do we build up strength in a lion and
Do we develop wisdom in a fox?

Your instructions are futile.

Do We Have to Add ...

Do we have to add colors to the rainbow?
Must we change the layout of the stars?
Is there a demand for more light from the sun and
Are we coming short of the tranquility from the moon?

Put your energy where needed.

Pay Attention

Would a hunting cheetah
Ignore an antelope?
Would a desert traveler throw away water?
And would a passerby not notice
The fragrance of a flowering vineyard?

Please try to pay attention.

Perfect Creation

Do we have to bleach the snow?
Can we improve the strength of a whale?
Must we change the simplicity of a crocus and
Would it be beneficial to educate an ostrich?

The Creation of The Almighty is perfect.

Can Mercy Resist Caring?

Can mercy resist caring?
Can caring resist tenderness and
Can tenderness resist love?

Why are you resisting the obvious?

When ...

When it is spring,
Does the farmer wait to seed?
When the frost is near,
Are the geese waiting to migrate and
When the contractions are frequent,
Does the woman wait to give birth?

What are you waiting for?


Do not waterfalls need gravity?
Are not the tides part of the oceans?
Do salmon not swim upstream and
Must not seals come up for air?

You have told me nothing new.

© François DulaPay

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