Poetry for Couples - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 23, 2016.

Couples share intimate life, lifting and supporting each other. Cherish your partner. This collection is meant to encourage with poetry of the heart. May you share these Poems 2 the Point with family, friends and loved ones.

Nature's Fury

My Love, My Wife, My Precious.
As much as
An avalanche cannot be stopped,
A tidal wave cannot be diverted and
A hurricane cannot be anchored,
Let them have their full course and
Let them complete their path,
In the same way
You allow me to continue my passion for you.
Thank you for allowing me
To be your shadow,
Walking abreast, and
To share all of our remaining years.
Surely, together,
We have a strong foundation and are
Able to battle any of nature's fury.

Our Years

Oh, how I am blessed and how privileged
To have you as my wife as,
From years past, I am ...
Remembering the shores of the Yukon,
Offering me many adventures in our daily trekking.
Recounting the delta of the Nile,
Granting me tranquility in daily amazement and
Recalling the banks of the Volga,
Sharing with me your devotions on a daily basis.
Thank you, my love, thank you, my precious.

Oh My Love

Can you say to hunger: "Be quiet?"
Can you say to thirst: "Forget about it?"
Can you say to the wind: "Calm down?"
Can you say to the tide: "Don't come in?"
Can you say to the bee: "Stop making honey?"
Can you say the butterfly: "Pollinating is a waste?"

And so,
I cannot say to
My flaming love for you:
"Extinguish that fire,
Run away from that inferno and
Just ignore that blaze.”

No, My Precious,
Allow me to love you
Without being anchored,
Without being chained,
Without enclosures and
Without boundaries.

May we continue to be for each other,
A well of true love,
A stream of genuine joy,
A creek of tenderness,
A river of affection and
An ocean of comfort.

Now that We Are Committed

You have changed
My tuba into a flute,
My cello into a violin and
My drums into a carillon.

My thoughts changed
From spreading dandelions to fruit bearing bushes,
From a tumbling weed to a sprouting papaver and
From firewood to growing vines.

My writings changed
Words of cotton into words of satin,
Sentences of wool into sentences of silk and
Meanings of flannel into meanings of velvet.

My life changed entirely as
My heart will no longer be a vault,
My soul will no longer have a curtain and
My spirit will no longer be stationary.

My precious,
I am ecstatic when realizing
That from now on
We will journey together.

My Beloved

My Beloved,
Let us mount our horses and
Gallop to the rolling hills.
There we will refresh ourselves in
The creek running from the East.
Then ...
Let us lay down in that pasture with
Those wild flowers and where
We are surrounded by the high cedars.
Oh, let us inhale the air of total freedom,
Absorb the sun,
Pleasing each other and
Swelling in love until dusk.
Then and only then,
Will we have reached
A day's end weighed down with
A fulfillment beyond measure.

© François DulaPay

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