Love Is Precious - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 24, 2016.

Tend the garden of your love. Treasure it, for love is like a precious plant. Treat it like a delicate flower and it will flourish. May these poems inspire you. We hope you share these love Poems 2 the Point with that special person in your life.

My Shining Gem

Your beauty never diminishes,
Your smile never fades,
Your grace never decreases,
Your charm never lessens, and ...
Your elegance never ceases.

My Only Love

As the oceans are deep,
The skies are wide and
The mountains are high,
So is your inspiration,
Never ending,
Always reviving; and
They are unable to stop my feelings of
Warmth, affection and tenderness.

My Precious, My Love, My All

Oh, my precious,
I swell in thankfulness to God
As you are
A blessing from above,
A warmth to my soul and
A delight to my heart.
My prayers are answered as
I have left
The ice fields of loneliness,
The frozen tundra with the Arctic winds and
The glaciers of distress.
My Love,
You are for me
What a breathing hole is for a seal,
What a branch is for a leopard and
What a blue sky is for an eagle.
Yes, that is what you are for me ...
My Precious, My Love, My All.

Certainly You Have

Filled me
With such a fondness
That even should I be
In the midst of the Sahara Desert, or
On the heights of the Himalayas, or
In the depths of the Indian Ocean,
My heart would not be lonely and
My soul would not feel forsaken
As I cradled
The memories,
The moments and
The flashes of
Having sighted your dazzling beauty,
Having encircled you in my arms and
Having felt your true affection.

Surely, Before Knowing You

I have
Seen a rose,
Cherished a lotus,
Smelled a lilac,
Touched an orchid,
Caressed a jasmine,
Kissed a violet and
Loved a gardenia.
And yet, when compared
To being in your presence,
They were all but
Bundled thistles ready for a fire.


You remain ...
The gatekeeper of my heart,
The goldsmith of my dreams and
The inspiration to please you
More and more.

Surely We Can ...

Fill the world’s oceans
With our passion,
Bridge the world’s continents
With our longings and
Cover the world’s mountains
With our love.

Day, Evening, Night

By day you are
My tugboat to go forth.
In the evening you are
My violin with compassionate music.
During the night you are
My bonfire of true passion.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset
It is the breeze of your tender love
That flows through
The canyons of my mind.

Our Passion, Our Kite

Our passion is like a kite,
Giving it more line each day,
Going into the clouds and out of sight.
Oh, my darling,
Surely our love has become a gigantic might.

© François DulaPay

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