Courtship Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 28, 2016.

Wooing a special person with romantic gestures builds a foundation to relationships. This collection of poems for courtship is meant to inspire love. Enjoy and share these special love Poems 2 the Point with the one you have chosen.

If I Could

If I could build a city,
It would carry your name.
If I could discover a continent,
It would have you as its queen.
If I could direct a symphony,
It would make music to please your ears.
I hope that these simple words
May be acceptable to you instead.

Seeing you ...
Oh, it was like hearing
The gong of my deepest desires which
Echoed through all the chambers of my heart and
Captivated every inner thought of my mind.

A deep urge was unknown to me until
I looked into your eyes of exquisite beauty.
Ever since, my thirst cannot be quenched and
I am like a crippled horse wandering in a wasteland
Longing for your flow of affection, passion and love.

I am desperate for you
Like a blanket in the bitter cold,
Like a shelter in a heavy storm,
Like a buoy on the high seas and
Like a red cord in a dreadful avalanche.

Oh my love, my precious,
You created within me
Waves of gentle whisper,
Wings of tender words and
Strokes of soft arousal.

How many more days,
How many more weeks
Before we can be united forever more?
Answer soon my love,
Respond quickly, my precious.

Unquestionable Awe

Being close to you
Created within me more awe than
The Scottish Highlands,
The Australian Outback and
The Norwegian Fjords.

Having you in my embrace ... oh,
Not a mind could conceive such a dream,
Not a tongue could utter the right words,
Not a pen could write the proper sentence and
Not a feeling could be more accelerating.

And so ...
What shall I yield,
What shall I return and
What shall I render
For having experienced your love?

Surely ...
Gold I do not have,
Jewelry is beyond my means,
Flowers are short lived and
Perfume will fade.

Therefore, may this writing be
More welcome than metal,
Passing all ornaments,
Being beyond any blossom and
Above all fragrance.

May it grant you in times of need,
A smile of joy,
A spark of delight,
A boost of comfort and
A feeling of intimacy.

The Hours of Exuberance

Oh, how marvelous it was
To see you again and
To adore your grace as it
Was more exciting than
Viewing surfing orcas,
Departing gazelles or
Fleeing swans.

Thank you for
Drenching me with
Your oil of tenderness,
Bathing me in
Your pool of elegance and
Covering me with
Your robe of closeness.

Can we get back soon?
Same station?
Same time?


My love, my precious,
Free me from these days of
Thinking without concluding,
Reaching without touching and
Loving without affection.

My nights are filled with torments and
During the hours of light, my work is futile as
You have given me no direct answer.
If it is for you a game to play,
Surely, I shall go.

If it is for you a test to conduct,
Surely, I shall battle and
If it is for you true love,
Surely, I shall be patient and, for now,
Desire without embracing.

Oh my love, my precious,
Permit me
To fight for your heart and
To conquer your love.

Grant me to view your beauty,
Summon me to come near for your touch, and
I shall experience the fresh air after
Being in the dungeon of loneliness and
Living in the desert of isolation.

But if you reject me,
May I be given the
Strength to fly away from
Underneath the cloud of longings and
To soar once again in the blue open skies of liberty.

© François DulaPay

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