Poetry for Starting Marriage - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on May 30, 2016.

When true love is there, apply wisdom, clear and fair, and give thanks to Him who brought you together. Once married, you still need to work at your relationship. May these Poems 2 the Point about marriage inspire you.

Marriage Starting Blocks

May true love be always there
While going forth in all kinds of weather,
Applying wisdom clear and fair
By giving thanks to Him
Who brought you together.

A Simple Longing

Oh, if you only permit me to greet you,
I would labor for you all the day long
Under a blistering sun or
In a dark forest or
On a dusty field or
Up a rainy hillside,
To boost my spirit at dawn,
To cuddle my soul at midday,
To snuggle my mind at dusk and
To caress my thoughts at night
Of knowing
That I am blessed by
Having heard
Your steps of hope and
Your voice of promise.
Having seen
Your eyes of beauty and
Your smile of warmth.
Then, and only then,
My labor would be rewarding,
My day complete,
My evening joyful and
My night filled with contentment.


To embrace you was like
Holding a brilliant and precious stone,
A gem pleasing to the eye
With a deep warm color and
A magnificent contour.

May your gentle breeze blow again,
May your whisper be heard once more,
May your touch be repeated,
May your affection return and
May our embrace never end.

Your Appearance

Your appearance was charming like
The Lilies of the Valley with
The fragrance and luster
That could fill
The canyons of America,
The fjords of New Zealand and
The gorges of Finland.
Your beauty was exquisite like
The Louvre in Paris,
The Taj Mahal in Agra and
The Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.

You Are

You are now
The keyboard of my heart,
The carillon of my soul and
The harpsichord of my desire.

You Became

You became
The amber of my thoughts,
The beacon of my mind and
The torch of my heart.

Ever Since

Ever since knowing you
My heart has sprouted and
My thoughts are without borders.

A Gentle Touch

A gentle touch brings forth a broad smile.

May the Depths

May the depths of your soul
Be filled with
A true thought,
A true choice and
A true longing.

Until We Meet Again

Be safe,
Be wise,
Be happy and
Be in the calmness of your mind so that
A balanced choice may be given to you.

May your days be filled with
Visions of excitement,
Senses of ardor,
Longings for affection and
Desires for our lasting love.

Acres of My Heart

You have plowed
The acres of my heart,
And with your latest tenderness
You have seeded the fields of my thoughts.

Oh, how my soul hungers
For the harvest of your embrace,
For the reaping of your charm and
For the gathering of your warmth.

You are a writing inspiration
Without fences,
Without borders and
Without horizons.

You continually give me
Unlimited yearnings,
Boundless desires and
Endless longings.

Even though far away,
You are still my shining beam,
And perhaps you will visit me
While I go forth and dream.

© François DulaPay

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