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Posted by François DulaPay on June 1, 2016.

Motivating people is like throwing the curtains open to allow the sunshine into their souls. Encouraging poetry will lift your spirits and reach the heart of those around you. Please share these Poems 2 the Point with those in need.

A New Day

May you be delighted when
Facing the daybreak of great expectations.
Soar on the trade winds of
Immeasurable hope and
Migrate with a herd in
Their unyielding determination.
You will arrive at
Flowering meadows of grandeur,
Scented forests of splendor or
Tropical streams of renewal.


Time does not change any wrongs,
Time does not delete any memories,
But ...
“Time, May in Time”
Forgive all.


I know that you will have
The determination
Of a salmon going upstream,
The stamina
Of a sow protecting her cubs and
The patience
Of a stork waiting for a meal.
You will succeed.

For a Young Missionary

You were an infant,
You made it to be a toddler.
When you were a toddler,
You made it to be a preschooler.
When you were a preschooler,
You made it to be a young child.
When you were a young child,
You made it to be a teenager.
When you were a teenager,
You made it to be an adult.

Oh, what a journey it was.
You may have crossed
A stormy mountain pass,
Waded through deep waters or
Entered a treacherous valley.
Yet, by the grace of God Almighty
You arrived at adulthood,
As the Lord has always
Hovered over you,
Cared for you, and now ...

Directed you to be a part of
His mission work.
You were a bedding plant,
Grown under His watchful eye, and
Now you will be planted outside
In the garden of the world
Leaving your home,
Your country and your friends.
But you are doing it all
For the glory of the Lord.

A journey has passed and
You are now standing in
The portal of a new odyssey with
A new calling, a new path, and
A new purpose.
You are in our prayers
That the good Lord may continue
To let you sense His warmth,
His closeness, and
His comfort.

Always remember
The Lord will provide.
He is near wherever you are,
Hearing your prayers and He
Will guide you in all your ways.
May our Heavenly Father
Carry you on His wings
To any destination and
Protect you from all harm.
Go in peace,
Go with confidence and
Go with the Lord.

My Daughter Is Leaving Home

Oh, my darling daughter,
What can I say in this hour of your departure?
Does my spirit rejoice?  Far from it.
Is my soul downcast?  No.

A lump is in my throat, and my eyes are moist.
Why?  Tell me, my daughter, tell me my precious, why?
The past must have the answer as
We have shared the same roof for many a year.
Underneath that canopy we have both
Grown, gaining understanding, and have shared
In teaching, giving and supporting.

Surely, not all was perfect, complete or good and
I remember well my shortcomings,
My faults and my neglects, yet,
It was your love enabling to forgive.
And now you are ready to leave,
But be assured that
Your infant sounds, your first guided walks,
Your high schools years,
The chats and the talks we had,
Your adore, your closeness and your embrace,
Shall always remain fresh in my mind
As they were of yesterday.
Know this, my darling daughter,
No matter where you are, or
How many miles are between us, or
The length of time not seeing each other face to face,
There remain three women in my life
Whom I will honor, pray for, and love deeply
All my breathing days, and
Shall carry very close to my heart ...

My mother, who gave me life,
My wife, who is your mother and you
My daughter, who gave me
Immeasurable warmth,
Gladness in abundance and
Who is my boundless delight.
Three women in whom I am most blessed and
Three women for whom I am not ashamed
To have shed tears in times like this.

My darling daughter, my precious,
Pursue our faith ceaselessly
With that which is moral,
With that which is ethical and
With that which is spiritual.
It is then that you will reap
The blessings of the Lord.
May He hover over you
Wherever you are and whatever you do.
May He grant you to be steadfast and unshakable.
May He favor you with strength, discipline and devotion
To hold on to the heavenly treasures and
To the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My darling daughter, my precious,
Go cheerfully,
Go in peace and
Go with God.

© François DulaPay

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