New Beginnings Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on June 2, 2016.

The right attitude is a first step to the new day. These encouraging poems on fresh starts in life are selected to remind you of what is important – joy and love. Please share these Poems 2 the Point with family and friends.

An Eagle

An eagle may limp,
His flight is still perfect.

Your Senses

Muster an army of all your senses,
Advance towards the victory of wisdom.

Rain, Sun, Frost

Rain gets you wet,
Sun gets you burned,
Frost gets you chilled,
You can handle it all and
Laugh at any trouble.

Most Certainly

Your stamina will be your partner,
Your ambition will be your shadow and
Your successes will be your daily food.


Knowing that
You have the right attitude,
You will be cool and
Walk with the penguins.
You will be joyful and
Jump with the kangaroos.
You will be free and
Run with the mustangs.
But … do not forget
To be affectionate to
The ones you left behind and
The ones you love, therefore
Think of the koalas.

Be Far From

The winds of trouble.
Be close to
The waves of joy.
May the thunder of destruction
Never come near to you and
May the dawn of refreshment
Be yours every morning.

Go Forth With

The wings of a condor,
The eyes of a falcon and
The legs of an emu.

Son Leaving Home

You are now
On the threshold of independence.
Plant a cedar, my son
Rather than
Seeding wild flowers.
Feed your mind
Rather than
Tattooing your skin.
Seek promising horizons
Rather than
Bathing in a pool of
Temporary pleasures.

Daughter Leaving Home

Go in peace, my daughter,
Strike out, my precious, and
Be independent, my darling.
May it be given to you that
My words
Shall not fall into a crevasse,
My sentences
Shall not be lost in a swamp and that
Their meanings
Be carried on your wings of freedom.


Wheels to drive,
Oars to row and
Ropes to climb.
Unite ambition with perseverance,
Embrace faith to your inner desires and
Victory and peace will be yours to harvest.

© François DulaPay

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