Faith and Thanksgiving - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on June 20, 2016.

Poetry of thanksgiving speaks with a soft voice. It is a smile that elevates the spirit, warms the heart, is like medicine to the soul, wiping away the tears. May you share the Poems 2 the Point below with friends and neighbors.

Teach Us Lord

Oh Lord, teach us how to pray,
What to ask and what to say,
Bringing before You our loved ones and neighbors,
Certain problems, aims and strenuous labors.
Teach us to be slow in asking, swift in praise,
To seek in all circumstances Thy precious face.
Then we shall walk secure,
Surviving all the attacks and surely endure.
May we kneel down at home or in a place far away
Speaking sentences You will teach us how to pray.


We praise You Father
That You have called us to serve the
Only living God,
The Almighty,
The Maker of the heavens and the earth,
The sea, and all that is in them.
Who made Himself known
By His accomplishments,
By His deeds,
By His Word,
By His revelations, and
Through His only begotten Son, our Lord.

We praise You, Father, for
Jesus Christ,
Our Savior,
Our Redeemer and
Our Shepherd.
Who was in the midst of us,
Who walked this very earth and
Who made His teachings known.
But above all for
His obedience to
Go to the cross to pay the debts
For us sinners.

We praise You, Father, for
Having chosen us and
That we are called and
Elected by the Most High.
That we are Your children and
Therefore heirs with Christ and
Heirs according to the promise.
That we are privileged to
Call upon Your Name
With praise and thanksgiving
Anytime, anywhere
And call You “Abba, Father.”

We praise You, Father, for
Your faithfulness and
That Your compassions fail not and
Are new every morning.
That You listen to
Our prayers and requests
In times of health,
In times of sickness,
In times of joy,
In times of sorrow,
In times of delight and
In times of sadness.

We praise You, Father, for
Our God,
Our strength,
Our hope,
Our trust,
Our refuge and
Our salvation,
Who has no beginning,
Who will have no end and
Who is from everlasting to everlasting.

Matters for Thanksgiving

A voice that speaks softly,
A smile that elevates the spirit,
A touch that gives warmth, and
Tears to share pain.
Surely God has blessed us with all of them.

Do You Tell a Grower

Do you tell
A grower that watering is a must, or
A mother that feeding is an obligation, or
A hunter that skinning is a necessity?
Why then do you neglect to tithe?

May Your Heart ...

May your heart sustain a melody,
May your mind maintain a hymn, and
May your soul retain a symphony.
But above all
May your faith proclaim the mercies of the Lord.

The Lord Is ...

My rope on any mountain trail,
My bonfire during chilly nights and
My guard wherever I go.

© François DulaPay

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