Poetry of Incompatibles - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on June 30, 2016.

Like oil and water, some things just do not mix. These Poems 2 the Point Poetry of Incompatibles are focusing on what cannot be and what never will be. It is our hope that you will enjoy them and share them with others.


Is friendship without care of any value?
Is friendship without love of any value?
Is friendship without trust of any value?
Is friendship without respect of any value?

Know who your friends are!

No Courtesy in Nature

Has a hurricane compassion?
Is rain selective?
Does the sun show mercy?
There is no courtesy in nature.

Unfortunately, neither with you.

Too Far ...

Talking further is as fruitful as discussing
A river whale,
A glacier gorilla, or
A cave eagle.

We are just too far apart!

Not Meant to Be

Do you seed water lilies on the rocks?
Do you plant reeds into quicksand?
Do you harvest bamboo from the ice fields?
Certainly not!

Neither do you
Cultivate wheat on the seashore,
Set out thistles in a vineyard, or
Grow trees on the tundra.

It is not meant to be!

Our love is futile.

The Right Places

Do you find ducks in the deserts?
Do you see dolphins in the Arctic regions?
Do you spot cheetahs in the mountains?

Look for a mate in the right places.

As Much ...

As much as I cannot
Drain an ocean, or
Shave a mountain,
So I cannot …

Put you out of my mind.

Your Senses

Can darkness tolerate light?
Can hail resist gravity?
Can life ignore death?

Get to your senses!

What Places?

Do you relax
In a yard full of snakes?
Do you enjoy
Swallowing a spoonful of poison?
Do you treasure
A bushel of thistles?

Why then entering wicked places?


Is it possible to have authority without duties?
Can a king wear his crown and not govern?
Is there strength without power?
Can we cry without tears?

Stand up and show your backbone!

Ridiculous ...

Would you pass a loaf of bread
While starving to death?
Would you pass a jar of water
While dying of thirst?

Don’t be ridiculous!


Do you chain a condor to a tree?
Do you anchor a dolphin in a pond?
Do you hamstring a mustang in a corral?

Enjoy Freedom, Give Freedom.


If we redesign the Himalayas,
Would her viewing be more breathtaking?
If we recreate the Everglades,
Would her beauty be more attractive?
If we reroute the Amazon,
Would her fascination be more interesting?

Do not try to change that which is perfect.


Would you add to the seeds of a sunflower?
Would you tell a daisy to produce more petals?
Is the dignity of a lily inadequate?
Is the softness of a violet too rough?
Oh, how beautiful nature is
In its original creative form.
It was that, by which I was struck ...

Your Natural Beauty.


Is it necessary for you
To guide a bat, or
To show elegance to a swan, or
To cultivate beauty in a peacock?

Please — mind your own business.

Then ... and Only Then

When a rat is
As charming as a penguin,
When a hyena is
As playful as a dolphin and
When a snake is
As adorable as a panda,
Then … and only then

Will I believe in you.

© François DulaPay

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