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Posted by François DulaPay on June 24, 2016.

Some people read letter endings first and then go back to the beginning. Still, a letter ending can be used as an encouragement or to lighten the mood with a laugh, as a tender suggestion or as a warning. May you enjoy these Poems 2 the Point suggested endings and even find some useful pointers to share at work, at play or at home. Perhaps you can teach someone.

Letter Ending to a Musician

I like to close with the wish that you will …

“Stay tuned,
Hit the right keys and
Stay out of treble.”

BTW — Practice Makes Masters!

Letter Ending to a Pen Pal

At last, I’d like you to know that ...

“Although you are
The outback of my correspondence,
You are
The front-runner of the Far East and
You remain
The tidings of warmth,
The genuine sharing and
The scripts to look forward to.”


Letter Ending to a Mama’s Boy

Your cap is underway with
The reading of ...

“I am lost, please call

Wear it with confidence!

Letter Ending to a Wise-Guy

Let me tell you something, you dimbo ...

“As much as I come
Not close to your bearcat,
Will not stop your
Fish delivery, nor
Can you outrun
A Chicago typewriter …
You’re finished.”

Have a nice day!

Letter Ending to a Youngster

Since you are leaving home let me end with …

“While being on your own,
Remember your foundation, and
When spreading your wings,
Practice uncompromising morals.”

May the Lord be with you.

Letter Ending to the Unfaithful

As a final comment …

A swallow flies a straight line,
A killer whale becomes compassionate, and
A sloth displays speed ...”

Then, and only then, you may approach me.

Letter Ending to a Gold Digger

Let me ask you one last question …

“Would you
Brush the feathers of a vulture?
Cut the claws of a grizzly, or
Wash the mouth of a hyena?”

Why then would my heart go out to you?

Letter Ending to a Know-It-All

Let me tell you something …

“Do you teach
A kangaroo how to jump,
A seal how to dive, or
A fox how to hunt?”

Your advice is like blabbering.

Letter Ending to a Procrastinator

Finally, let me ask you a few questions …

“Is a ship built to decorate the docks?
Is a caravan put together to walk in circles?
Is a condor created to sit on a branch?
Is a horse bought to sleep in the stable?”

Why then do you always have excuses?

Letter Ending to a Braggart

I’d like to close with a question for you …

“Can an eunuch brag about
Satisfying his woman?”

Hope you can fathom the question.

Letter Ending to a Parasite

For your information …

“A tick has a free ride and
Takes food in abundance.”

Find another ride!

Letter Ending to a Poet

Rest me to say, my dear chap …

“Get a real job, will you!”

Letter Ending to a Cat Lover

By the way, may I remind you
That it has been said …

“Dogs are willing to serve and
Cats are demanding to be … served.”

P.S. Dogs have masters, cats have aides.

Letter Ending to a Dog Lover

May you find the time for ...

“Hunting with a Labrador,
Mushing with a Husky,
Tracking with a Bloodhound and
Rescuing with a Saint Bernard.”

You are right — Dogs are our greatest buddies.

Letter Ending to a Bird Lover

May you take time out and …

“Fly with the albatross,
Hunt with the falcons,
Chat with the parrots and
Run with the ostriches.”

You are right — Wings the envy of all mankind.

© François DulaPay

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