Philosophy Poems - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on June 28, 2016.

Faced with our basic nature, some are driven to find deeper meaning. These poems on philosophy were chosen to bring fruitful debates with those around you. May the Poems 2 the Point reflections below be a useful starting point for self-examination, or to open a discussion with anyone who is crossing your path.

Reality Check

Whether we like it or not,
One day
We will all have to tally up the balance of
Our life and
Our love,
Asking ourselves,
How much forgiveness we shared and
How much tolerance we showed.
How much of our time was given and
How much was donated to charity.

Common Sense

Understanding cannot precede listening.
Discovery cannot precede searching and
Harvesting cannot precede planting.
A landing before flying.
A reward before laboring and
An arrival before departure.
Put your priorities in the right order.

Lust Versus Love

Is like a big stone
Thrown into a quiet lake,
It produces
A loud sound,
A large splash, and
Huge ripples.
Before the ripples are no more,
The stone is already on the bottom,
Forgotten and never to be seen again.

Is like a planted oak
Growing steady and
Strong roots and
Large branches.
Yielding respect,
Outlives humans and
Going into history.

Lust Versus Commitment

Is for the moment.

Is for life.

Brings forth regrets and pains.

Brings forth rewards and fruits.

Brace Yourself as
You Will Give Account

Answer me …
What value is in
Righteousness that ends in corruption?
What treasure is in
Honesty that ends in lying, and
What riches are in
Love that ends in hate?

Tell me …
Would you praise
Dedication that has ended in abandonment?
Would you reward
Honor that has ended in back stabbing, and
Would you crown
Trust that has ended in desertion?

Explain to me …
How do you accept
Loyalty that ends in treason?
How do you embrace
Fidelity that ends in adultery, and
How do you justify
Commitment that ends in a divorce?

What is your credit?


What is your complaint?
You were not assigned to him,
You accepted him!
What is your complaint?
You were not assigned to her,
You chose her!

Hate and Love

Hate weakens.
Anyone can hate.

Love strengthens.
Not everyone can love.

Promises, Oaths, Vows and Commitments

So easy to utter,
They do not decay by having cheap excuses.

Are pillars
For those who take them.
They cannot be dismantled.

Are far from fading colors,
Nor do they ebb away
As the years go by.

Are standing, and …
If they vanish
They were just empty pledges.

Choosing Your Companions

Do you want to
Hunt with the hyenas,
Fly with the vultures,
Sit with the cobras and
Sleep with the tarantulas?
Do you want to
Play with the chimpanzees,
Snuggle with the pandas,
Talk to the cockatoos and
Listen to the whales?

Make the right choice, or
Pay dearly.

© François DulaPay

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