Human Nature Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on July 2, 2016.

This time we have a collection of poems and quotes on human expressions and the world we live in with its natural beauty. May you find these Poems 2 the Point quotes and reflections suitable to share with someone in need.

Blessed Old Age

Beauty fades,
Mobility is getting less and
Remembering becomes difficult.
Kindness remains,
Smiling should never depart and
Poetry is always refreshing.

A Human Life

A human life without sharing
Would be like floating by night on
A thick fogged over lake,
With no visibility,
No direction, and encounters
A deep sense of fear,
Loneliness and
Being utterly lost.

Sharing Nature

Sharing nature
With the right person is
The honey birds in the air
Hovering only to
Go forward to their aim.
The lilies of the fields
Moving together
In a gentle breeze and
The waves of the surf
Floating back and forth
In a tender rhythm.

Meeting You Was Like ...

Discovering a new galaxy,
Traveling on a trail of grandeur and
Camping on a site with Unknown excitement.

Showing ...

Show patience to your family,
Show understanding to your neighbors,
Show mercy to your enemies and
Show forgiveness to your friends.

Nature and Life

Nature is life, and
Life is caring.
Plant a tree,
Conserve water, and
Recycle your thoughts.


Man ...

The more I try to read a woman,
The more I understand
How much of an illiterate I am.

Woman …

The harder I try to conquer a man,
The more I understand
The bottom of my soul.

Ifs of a Man and a Woman

The man about his woman …

“If I only could understand my woman,
I would have a stable life.”

The woman about her man ...

“If he only could read my mind,
I would have a stable mood.”


“Our Greatest Source of Inspiration"

Witnessing her beauty in
Sculptures and
So much more.

“Well Worth Protecting Her”

Infatuation to Separation

Infatuation without true love
Is just what it is – Infatuation!
Like a fainting cloud in the sky,
It simply does not hold water and
May soon turn into envy.
Envy develops resentment,
Resentment builds hate and
Hate leads to separation.

True Character

True character comes clearly through
When ...
An unexpected,
An unprepared for, and
An involuntary
Situation emerges.

My Love

What the tusks are for an elephant,
What the fins are for a whale and
What the wings are for a swan ...
That is what you are for me,
Magnificent, powerful and regal.

Think First!

Throwing without aiming is irresponsible,
Speeding without control is deadly and
Traveling without direction is futile.

Think First! … before any action!


To understand true joy,
We have to
Experience true tears.
To understand true health,
We have to
Experience true sickness.


The river looks peaceful,
The piranhas are near.
Don’t be fooled.
Know your surroundings.

We All Know Her

Mother Teresa
Measured only 4 feet 11 inches.
Her life, deeds and examples
Are beyond measure.


Beauty will wither,
Grace will last
Until its final hour and ... beyond.

Remember I ...

In your anger
Remember discipline.
In your discipline
Remember love.
In your love
Remember tenderness.
In your tenderness
Remember forgiveness and
In your forgiveness
Remember thankfulness.

Remember II ...

To save the wolves,
To hunt the rats and
To observe the ravens.

You may learn something.


When you are
Willing to accept
Change …
Life is well worth living.

Aim For ...

May we all aim
For the
Wisdom of a hunting owl.
For the
Strength of a fighting lion and
For the
Splendor of a surfing orca.

What Is ...

Wisdom without sharing?
Riches without stewardship?
Might without protection and
Fame without humility?
Indeed, it is …
Foolish behavior!
Poor management!
Being a total moron and
Having shameless arrogance!
In short …
A grand total loss of a human life.

Remember III …

Arrogance – Boasting – Pride

“Are the Maggots of the Soul”

The Call of Freedom

To answer the call of freedom,
To be alone with nature and
To cross horizons …
Are by far more rewarding than
The embrace of any gold or silver.

Providing and Caring

Are not the jaws of a cheetah used
To kill an antelope and
To carry her cubs to safety?

May You Soon ...

Swim with the dolphins and have fun,
Fly with the eagles and feel free and
Work with the beavers to stay out of trouble.

No Vision

A man without a vision
Is an evangelist without a mission.
Like a confused and lost hound
Escaped from a local pound,
Aimlessly wandering streets and lands
Until his senseless journey ends.

© François DulaPay

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