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Posted by François DulaPay on July 11, 2016.

Nobody is an island. When we work with friends, we become a team. Friends at home are family. A trusted friend is worth more than a vault of precious stones. Enjoy, reflect upon and share these Poems 2 the Point friendship quotes with your loved ones, friends, those far away from you and even with the right strangers.

A Saying

There is a saying:
"Out of the Eye, Out of the Heart."
But know this and
Understand …
As gentle waves
Cannot be removed from the ocean,
As sparkling stars
Cannot be deleted from the sky and
As echo sounds
Cannot be cut out of the mountains,
So our friendship
Cannot be diminished and
Will last until our curtains are drawn.


Oh, as the eagles
Continue to soar.
As the vines
Continue to grow.
As the seasons
Continue to change,
May we
Continue to share and
Be friends to rely on.


Friends ought to be frank,
Open with each other,
Sharing with each other and ...
Forgiving each other.

Far from Being Friends

Sharks have no mercy,
Wolverines are most vicious and
Snakes can never be trusted.

Stay away from them!

Friendship and Trust

Fascination and
Are no
Foundation for trust.
Trust has to be earned and
Friendship must be proven.


Especially when traveling ...
Any total stranger
Who is
Overly friendly,
Overly likable and
Overly helpful
Is a red flag.

Do not even stand close to them!!!

Crossing Desert Lands

Thank You, Father, for
The “Journey Friends” we made.
Bless them, too, while they rest
With an unexpected and welcome shade.
At the day’s end provide them, as well,
With a secure and sheltering awning
That, after a good night’s rest,
They may praise and thank You
For a promising and a refreshing morning.


Close or Afar

Being close to or far away
From friends we dearly love,
Oh, Lord, grant us peace along the way
By protecting them from above.


Forgiving and Harboring

A friend forgives
Your shortcomings,
An enemy harbors
Your transgressions.

True Friendship

Rest me to say ...
It is such a blessing
To have you as my friend
On whom I can rely.
Without you
I am incomplete like
A tree without branches,
A river without fish and
A sky without stars.


Take courage, my friend, as
You have shown in the past ...
Your gliding wings,
Your thundering hoofs and
Your swooping fins.
This cloud, too, shall pass.

What Is a Friend

What is a friend you sometimes wonder.
Someone who is second to none?
Yeah, and so it is …
A person who always gives and never plunders,
Being part of the good, the bad and the fun!

My Dearly Beloved

It would be easier
To anchor down the ocean tides,
To rope off the desert hills or
To hold back the aurora borealis
Than to delete ...

My affection for you all.

By His Grace

We start the day,
By His mercy
We finish it, and
He uses friends
Along the way to be
A big part of us.

Staples of Friendship

Acts of thanksgiving,
Words of appreciation and
Open to correction as needed ...
These are the staples of a solid friendship.

Friendship Without ...

Friendship without response
Is not a friendship but
A highway to nowhere and ...
Ultimately, abandonment.

And So It Is

That …
No reaction will kill any genuine relationship and
No feedback will kill any true friendship.

Bedrock and Friendship

The bedrock for a healthy friendship is ...
Willingness to concede and ...
No ego!

© François DulaPay

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