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Posted by François DulaPay on July 21, 2016.

Human love and poetry go hand in hand. Many have written about it. Love is both treasured and neglected. Love is important to everyone and is within all of us. Below you may find some of your own love experiences, love definitions and love facts. Be willing to share these Poems 2 the Point love poems and quotes with the ones near and dear to you.

Over the Years …

Over the years you have
Shown me by being
My best friend,
My reliable companion,
My passionate beloved and
My irreplaceable mate.

You were for me,
A Chinese gong announcing great happenings,
An African drum calling for tempting excitements,
A Spanish guitar inviting me to thrilling dances,
An Irish flute playing seductive melodies and
An Italian violin rousing me with your tender solos.

In all things you had ceaselessly
A perfect balance and perfect timing
In your love, in your passion and
In your music.
You were a master in applying
Adagissimo, Appassionato and Allegro.

The sounds of your harp
Were always soothing.
The tones of your French horn
Were always captivating and
The notes of your violin
Catapulted me to higher elevations.

Oh, my love, my precious,
How can I thank you
For your preludes and overtures?
Other than to say
I am totally yours
Now and forevermore.

Evidence ...

Evidence of true love
Are genuine tender acts.

The Means of Love

An eye contact
Is only a turn away.
A sincere smile
Is only a reaction away.
A warm embrace
Is only an arm’s length away.
A soft word
Is only a breath away, and
A whisper
"I love You"
Should never be far away.

A Relationship Without

Caring, loving and tender deeds,
Is a selfish arrangement of convenience.

True Love I

Does not go into hiding but
Is an open book.
Will not harbor wrongs but
Is ready to forgive.
Constantly seeks the good and
Anxious to discuss disappointments.
Acknowledge shortcomings and
Try harder to please.
That is true love and
That is love that will survive.

Continued Love

As a mustang continues to run,
As a falcon continues to prey and
As a seal continues to dive, so
I continue my love and affection towards you.

Remember ...

Life is short,
Not too short
To love and
To be loved.

The Harvest of True Love

A wave of goodness,
A sight of awe,
A breeze of freshness,
A touch of warmth,
A stroke of gentleness and
A feeling of inner peace.

True Love II

Has to be fed continually!
If not,
It will starve
A horrible death.

Three Points of Love

Two are demonic.
One is noble.

If you truly love someone
You turn your life around.

If you conveniently love someone
You bulldoze your life straight through.

If you financially love someone
You betray your life each and every day.

The two
Are destined for crisis after crisis.

The one
Will last until earthly departure and … beyond.

True Love Is ...

Not a courtroom
Where every word
Can and will
Be held against you.

Words …

Words are Cheap,
Deeds of Tenderness
Beyond Value
And are
Markings of True Love.

A Definition of Love

Smiling lips,
Glittering eyes,
Genuine joy and
Willing to surrender.

One-Way Street

A relationship
With actions but
Without reactions,
Is going forth on a

One-Way Dead End Street.

To Us Is Given

Nature to be in awe,
Art to be fascinated,
Music to be admired, and
Love to be fulfilled.

© François DulaPay

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