Poems of Marriage and Love - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on July 28, 2016.

Marriages are taking place in all cultures. Some are thought through, while other unions are spontaneous or arranged. We hope that these marriage poems will lift your spirits and that you may enrich the life of that very special person by presenting some of the Poems 2 the Point below to your mate.

My Precious

Who was Rodin?
Without doubt ...
You are greater than any of his sculptures.

Who was da Vinci?
Certainly ...
You are greater than any of his paintings.

Who was Beethoven?
Surely ...
You are greater than any of his symphonies.

Thank you, darling!
I am so proud ...
You are my love, my wife, my all.

My Beloved

To me you are and
Always will be …

A spark in the morning,
A sunbeam during the day and
A bonfire at night.

Our Past Years

In the beginning
We had notes,
Which became letters,
Which became epistles,
Which became ...
No, they did not became
Books or novels, but
We made history of
Our journeys and commitments,
Going the extra mile
For each other
Whenever it was needed.
And so ...
You became more precious to me than
The greatest love note,
The most affectionate letter, or
The largest fascinating epistle.
Surely darling ...
No book or novel could ever contain
All of our journey‘s details of true love.
Thank you, my precious, for all the
Wonderful chapters of our odyssey and for
Being my Life Traveling Companion.

My Only Love

For all those years
You remained ...

As splendid as a sapphire,
As graceful as a swan,
As tender as a vine and
As solid as an oak.

Oh, how I can thank you enough for being
My wife, my everything!

Know this, My Precious,
Understand this, My Love

The world was given
Rembrandt for paintings,
Mozart for music,
Socrates for wisdom,
Caesar for history and
Michelangelo for sculptures.

Still, who are they
But common folks
When compared to who?


What you have given
My heart, my soul, my life …

Your loyalty,
Your devotion,
Your love
My mate
My wife
My all.

It Has Been Said Before ...

But it cannot be said enough,
Therefore, my beloved,
Understand this, my precious,
You are blessing me continually with
A new flow of life,
A new feeling of excitement,
A new thought of desire,
A new song of closeness,
A new melody of tenderness and
A new overture of passion.

You have given me
A new urge to caress and
A new drive to please
The one who has
Conquered my heart
In the past,
At the present and
Will do so
Until our final hour.

Striking, Stunning and Unmatched

Your striking beauty,
Your stunning eyes and
Your unmatched charm ...

Oh, what shall I say?
Most certainly
It would cause …

Kings to abdicate,
Armies to surrender and
Civilizations to go willingly into slavery.

Oh, how blessed I am
To have you as
My love, my precious, my wife.

Flowers, Wine and Balsam

Our violet of love
Will never shrink and
Our rose of passion
Will never wither.


Our wine of affection
Will always flow and
Our balsam of caress
Will always soothe.

© François DulaPay

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