Between Morning and Evening Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on July 29, 2016.

Between morning and evening, we all encounter many situations. Whether real, imaginary, good or bad, they are all a part of us. There may be quotes that are pertaining to your life. Nevertheless, enjoy these miscellaneous Poems 2 the Point and share them with those around you.

Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom does not depend on knowledge and
Knowledge does not depend on wisdom.
Possessing them both gives mankind a mighty force.


Aim for a goal,
Work for a future and
Battle for a success.

Then pray for
Reaching the finish line and
In all this …

Do not
Omit time-out!
As it is pivotal …

For the body to function,
For the soul to be thankful and
For the spirit to go forth.


Courage will conquer tyranny
Because ...
Tyranny does not know courage.

Riches of Simplicity

The surf of the ocean,
The clouds in the sky and
The fragrance of a forest.
The contours of a sculpture,
The sounds of a harp and
The coupling of some words.
A smile on a friend's face,
A stroke from someone dear and
A whisper of the one you love.
Let us not pass by
The Riches of Simplicity.


Before going on a springboard,
Have a solid backbone and
Before exploring the world,
Know your roots.

Missing My Queen

My precious, my love,
What purpose have minstrels and
For what reason to have balladeers
When you are afar?

Our citadel is like a ruin,
Our fortress is utterly empty and
Our castle is like a morgue.

Oh how I
Long for your company,
Desire your closeness and
Covet to have you next to me.

Painful yearnings
To embrace the woman of my desire,
To please the one I am blessed with and
To caress the love of my life.

May it be soon that I
Whisper poetic sentences about
Your splendid beauty and
Your irresistible charm.

No greater reward is witnessing
Your reactions and
Your responses of
Receiving my love.

May you journey today and
Without delay send ahead
A dove delivering good tidings or
Grant your courier a swift horse.

May we soon
Rescue our dawns,
Elevate our days and
Reward once more our nights.

Oh, how long for
My precious,
Oh, how long for
My queen!

Showing Your True Character

The true character is revealed when
Denouncing any promise made.

Same Old, Same Old

Oh? Is it?
Well then, remember …
Not to be stingy in
Kissing your spouse,
Embracing your kids and
Hugging your dog.
Things will change!

My All in All Is Gone

Loneliness engulfs me as
Tears are my portion at night and
Sorrows are filling my day.
I am like
A horse without a team,
A fish outside a school and
A sparrow lacking a flock.
Come back my love,
Return to me, my precious.

What Never Was

Has a crocodile compassion?
Can a hawk be tender and
Does an anaconda embrace with any degree of concern?
Alas …
What never was
Can never return.

Sooner or Later

We have to make a decision
On the bridge that will connect us
Here and now

The Word of the Lord

Hunger will be satisfied,
Thirst will be stilled,
Work will be accomplished,
Joy will be completed and
Salvation will be assured.
Knowledge of the Word of the Lord
Does not know a full measure.

© François DulaPay

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