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Posted by François DulaPay on August 3, 2016.

Faith and prayers are from above and give inner peace. One cannot be without the other. Faith without prayer is from this world and gives inner unrest. We hope these Poems 2 the Point quotes on faith and prayers are a blessing to you.

Dear Lord

Teach us
How to pray,
How to thank,
What to ask and
What to say.

Sinner’s Prayer

Savior Divine,
Grant us Your mighty hand
When we cross deep waters and a desert land,
When downcast with sin and its chain,
Wondering our faith could well be in vain.
Yet the Bible teaches us of Your caring voice,
That You are near and that we should rejoice
As our pardon is through Your Son who paid the price.
Therefore, may we indeed rejoice and rise,
Going forth with our Savior Christ Jesus, Lord Divine,
On the Path of Life and to the Finish Line.

Life and the Scriptures

Can we have
Life without faith?
Can we have
Faith without hope?
Can we have
Hope without assurance?
Can we have
Assurance without truth?
Can we have
Truth without revelations?
Can we have
Revelations without the Scriptures?

Dear Father

As much as we cannot tell
A flock of seagulls not to scream,
So grant us likewise
The boldness to share the Gospel.
As much as we cannot tell
A pack of wolves not to hunt,
So grant us likewise
The urge to search the Scriptures.
As much as we cannot tell
A school of salmon not to spawn,
So grant us likewise
The determination to go forth in Faith.

Oh Lord

Let us never forget the times of deep despair,
So that we are able to praise Thee in times of joy.

Mourning Hearts

By now another grievous day has gone,
Oh, thoughts, sleep well until the dawn.
When morning comes may we look ahead,
Having trust, and not be sad.
Oh Lord, grant us strength and inner peace,
Looking to Thee so that our pain will ease.
This evening, before we sleep and rest,
Let us realize we’re here only a guest.
Our Savior and our God, please set us free
From this earthly anguish so that we may clearly see
Following You in heaven we will be.

Dear Lord

We thank and praise You
For all the goodness and love
We have received over the years.
Oh, let us never forget
How life was without all of those blessings and
Let us never take them for granted.
Direct us Lord to
A place
Where we may be weak,
So that we can truly call upon Your strength.
A place
Where we may be lonesome,
So that we can truly sense Your closeness.
A place
Where we may be crying,
So that we can truly receive Your comfort, and
A place
Where You teach us once again,
To be meek,
To be humble and
To be thankful.


The Good Steward

Be a river for others,
Be an oak for yourself and
Be a good steward for
The blessings received.

Pray, Sow and Witness

Pray faithfully,
Sow bountifully and
Witness cheerfully.

© François DulaPay

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