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Posted by François DulaPay on August 4, 2016.

Some work to travel, others travel to work. Yet, no matter if, how or where you go, we are all in the same Life's Triangle of Work, Travel and Living. We hope you enjoy and share these Poems 2 the Point travel poems in the comfort of your home.

Tourist or Traveler

The difference?
You tell me!
(It's a huge difference)

My Greatest Viewing

When I saw your beauty …
Oh, it was more overwhelming than viewing
The Rocky Mountains,
The Great Barrier Reef and
The Kashmir Territories combined.
And so, my love, my precious,
The desire to journey afar …?
Is no more!


Although I have
Crossed deserts,
Trekked jungles,
Voyaged oceans,
Traveled prairies,
Passed through tundra's,
Climbed across mountain ranges,
Journeyed far beyond the Arctic Circle,
Flown over the North Pole and
Walked on either sides of the Equator ...

Be assured, my love, that
Those past travel excitements were only
That of a mid-afternoon cricket game and of
No contest now that I have met you.
Being in your presence,
Seeing your astonishing beauty and
Sharing with you those moments of treasure in
Understanding, caring, loving and passion ...

Oh, surely for me it is
“The Arrival of a Lifetime”

Finally ... my odyssey is complete and
I shall travel no more, but
Stay along your side
Until my final breath.

Thinking of You ...

Thinking of you always gives me
An energetic dawn,
A promising day and
A blessed mileage to reach
My destination at dusk.
Thank you, my love,
Thank you, my precious.

Oceans Apart

Yet, we will be connected!
If you can, my love,
Please go to the beach
On our anniversary day and
At the seventh hour
Touch the sea with your ring finger,
I’ll do likewise.
Our lasting love will
Travel over the waves
Towards each other and then

“We are Connected”

Oh, … how I miss you darling!!!

“Happy Anniversary” my love.

Common Road

While driving on a common road or
Flying in the skies truly far remote,
Where do my thoughts travel to?
Surely their destination is always
All of you!

Yes, My Precious ...

We both know
That words are of no value
Without tenderness and appreciation.
I will acquire for
My only love, my all-in-all
A breathtaking ruby from Thailand,
A stunning sapphire from Burma and
On my way back
A splendid emerald from Columbia.

And as a token …
Oh, I could not resist
To buy while having the thought
To dress you soon with a
Robe of silk from China.

Be patient, my darling,
Before long we will
Redeem our affection.

The Lord Is Our Shepherd

Heavenly Father, before we start going,
We want to bow our heads and pray,
Asking for Your guidance, regardless of knowing
That You are traveling with us each night and day.

Our destination is far and the road is long,
But what a comfort we have in Thy staff and Thy rod,
And may we always remember the beautiful song
“A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

Thank You, Lord, for all Your blessings and our health,
What a blessed strength it is of knowing You.
Help us searching for spiritual wealth,
And keep us close in everything we do.

Dear Lord, we ask You to bless our route,
To direct our thinking when we are there,
To give us faith when there is doubt,
Oh Father, we place our lives in Your care.


© François DulaPay

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