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Posted by François DulaPay on August 8, 2016.

When was the last time? A reminder of loving attitudes, reality, and truths as they are present in our daily lives and that we can change for the better. Find the right time to share these Poems 2 the Point with the ones you love and care for.

A Feeding Hand

A welcome smile is
More precious than
A vault full of silver

A the feeding hand is
More valuable than
A creek filled with salmon.

A caring heart is
More rewarding than
A season full of victories.

A compassionate outreach is
More important than
A day filled with appointments.

Changing Minds

Knowledge can change
Even the strongest minds.
Get knowledge.

When You Despise

The law, the truth and wisdom,
You will go down in
Disgrace, shame and regret.

Continue to Smile

A smile attests joy,
Joy attests health,
Health attests balance,
Balance attests strength,
Strength attests power and
Power attests might.

But what is might
Humility, meekness or contentment?

Always be thankful and
Give praise.

Even …

Even when you put on
The attire of a gladiator,
There is no honor
In killing a rat.

Reality ...

Reality without dreams
Would be brutal.
Dreams without reality
Would be foolish.

To Understand ...

To understand true riches,
We have to experience true poverty.
To understand true fame,
We have to experience true meekness.
To understand true honor,
We have to experience true humility.
To understand true joy,
We have to experience true sadness and
To understand true life,
We have to experience true death.

Tattoos, Jewelry and Speech

Tattoos are the windows of your mind,
Jewelry is a statement of your soul and
Speech is a reflection of your spirit.

A Smile

A smile is only a thought away.
Costs nothing and
You will be richer for it.

When Was the Last Time

When was the last time
He came home and
You welcomed him with
A hug and a kiss?

When was the last time
You told him he is appreciated?

When was the last time
You together listened to nothing else but
The crickets, the birds and some frogs
In an area far away from everyday life?

“Okay, I will change starting tomorrow.
Hm, no, right now when he comes home.”

- o -

When was the last time
She made dinner and
You thanked her with
A hug and a kiss?

When was the last time
You told her she is the only one?

When was the last time
You together admired the starry skies,
An evening of quietness and tranquility
In a setting far away from everyday work?

“Okay, I will change starting soon.
Hm, no, today when going home!”


Collectors can never be satisfied.
Oh dear, what a pity, really!!!

The Parallels of Honor and Simplicity

Honor, practice Character,
Character, practice Discipline,
Discipline, practice Honesty,
Honesty, practice Goodness,
Goodness, practice Love,
Love, practice Forgiveness,
Forgiveness, practice Faith,
Faith, practice Humility,
Humility, practice Meekness,
Meekness, practice Simplicity.

Modify ...

Modify to conform,
Conform to adjust,
Adjust to adapt, and
Adapt to reach any of your destinations.

Passion ...

Passion gives success,
Without it
There is no mountaintop.

Enthusiasm gives rewards,
Without it
There is no harvest.

Love gives completion,
Without it
There is no fulfillment.

Guilt and Anger

Guilt and anger
Are sisters.
Anger and jealousy
Are brothers.
Jealousy and hostility
Are twins.

Hostility explains provocation,
Provocation explains hatred and
Hatred explains the ultimate rejection.

Envy and ...

Envy is a
Prelude to jealousy.
Jealousy is a
Prelude to hate.
Hate is a
Prelude to destruction.
Destruction is a …

Stop! While you can!

© François DulaPay

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