True Happiness and Profound Grief - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on August 9, 2016.

In a marriage true happiness and profound grief are dangerously close, which is why patience, understanding, forgiveness and loving ought to be practiced constantly. May these Poems 2 the Point be worth sharing and be a direction, a joy and a solace to you.

Newlyweds to Each Other

May mercy
Be our companion
On the trail of life.

May clemency
Be our comrade
While on the journey to above.

May amnesty
Be our partner
During our stumbling to the finish line and

May forgiveness
Be our embrace
All the way to the gates of heaven.

Heart, Mind and Thoughts

My heart is
Snorting with excitement like a stallion.

My mind is
Galloping towards your elegance and

My thoughts are
Rearing when they see your irresistible beauty.

Oh, may we
Graze in tender caresses and
Feed each other with our ultimate closeness.

The Whole Day Thinking of You

Crossing the swamplands,
Thinking of you …
Always pulls me through.

Laboring in the woodlands,
Recalling your tenderness …
Always eases my toil and

Resting in the grasslands,
Longing for your touch …
Always magnifies my yearnings.

Your Love

Your love is not just
One harvest per season or
A light by night, nor is it
A yearly migration
To better feeding grounds.
No my love,
Your harvests of tenderness,
Your lights of inspiration and
Your constant migration
To higher grounds of love
Make you truly
My most precious,
My most dear,
My wife,
My all.

Remaining Love

In the beginning
You were the trail of my life and
Throughout the years
You have become
The road of my strength and now,
In the evening of our lives,
You are the highway of my inner peace.


Why has common sense left you?
Why has reasoning been catapulted away?
Why has fairness gone to the deep?
Why this horrendous change in you?


A Choice of Venom

Until now there was always
An icon of integrity,
A pillar of strength and
A symbol of honesty.
Why then was a choice made to enter the domicile
Of those who have nothing to offer but venom?

They will not rest until
The entire body and soul is submitted
To their poisonous desires.
They have the charm of a cobra,
The softness of a tarantula and
The swiftness of a scorpion.
Their embrace is the sting of a hornet,
Their company is the closeness of a tick and
Their captivation is the delight of a horsefly.

Why these actions which are
Morally like twisted grass,
Ethically like burned straw and
Spiritually like trampled leaves?
May the Almighty grant you
Once more … a choice.

Written Names

In the past there was many a name.


When I was still a youngster,
One was written on a sloping beach,
But after the tide came in …
The name was no more.


When I was an adolescent,
One was written on the desert sand,
But after a blowing wind ...
The name was no more.


When I was near maturity,
One was carved on a majestic tree,
But after a forest fire …
The name was no more.


When I was an adult,
One was painted on the doorway of my heart,
But after your sudden desertion …
Your name ought to be no more.

But then,

How can I?
You were
My most precious,
My only love!

Know then that your name
Engraved upon the waves of my mind,
Sculptured along the avenues of my pain and
Chiseled within my soul …

Shall go into history and forever there … remain.

© François DulaPay

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