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Posted by François DulaPay on August 11, 2016.

From the very first eye contact to the grave. A couple's courtship, the proposal, their married life, their commitment, their unfailing love and the reaching of their golden years. Then ... failing health and the final earthly good-bye. We, here at Poems 2 the Point, hope that you may share this “Life’s Journey of Love” with your loved ones, family and friends of all ages.

Life's Journey of Love

Life without love
Is like
A boat without a rudder,
A plow without a blade and having
A soul with an iron gate.

Our Eyes

Is there
A tongue,
A language,
A philosopher
Who can describe
The feelings when our eyes met?
Even without words,
We knew,
We understood and
We concluded!


Being with you was more intriguing than
Viewing the contours of a majestic mountain or
Strolling along a gentle creek or
Resting in a green pasture.


Oh, my love, my precious, my everything,
Send word that
You grant me to return to you.
Unquestionably, at once I shall
Jump ship on the high seas,
Leap from my chariot during the battle and
Turn my back to a standing cobra
Only to haste to the one I yearn for,
To be united with the one I crave and
To be with the love I have chosen.


You are the oars to row,
The winds to sail and
The anchor I cannot lift.
I am chained, bound and enslaved to
Your charm, your elegance and your splendor.
Your companionship is exhilarating and
Your presence is a true joy.
Hear me, my dearest,
Answer me, my precious, and
Whisper to me words of accepting my love as
They will be like soothing oil and
A balm on my agonizing yearnings.
Oh, may we go forth as husband and wife.


As a carillon calls for a moment of listening,
As a tambourine calls for an hour of dance and
As a harp calls for a night of love,
So my heart calls for your closeness,
To have you in my embrace and
To fulfill all of your desires.

Permit Me My Love

To clothe you with robes of satin,
To dress you with garments of silk and
To sprinkle you with scents of spring.

Favor Me, My Precious

To caress you with hands soft as velvet,
To kiss you with lips of warmth,
To satisfy you with a tenderness
You never knew and
With an excitement
You have never encountered.

Then ...

After having responded to all of your longings,
You will be in my arms and
You will sleep with the solace as that of
A bear cub in her den.

As Long As

As long as I have a mind
I will think about you.
As long as I have a voice
I will call your name.
As long as I have feelings
I will entice you.
As long as I have ears
I will be anxious for your sounds and
As long as I have eyes
I am blessed to see your gracefulness.

Getting Older

I may forget many things,
Yet one matter
I shall never forget.
To please supremely,
My love,
My precious,
My wife,
My all.

Lasting Love

Oh, how can I thank the Lord
For a wife like you, as
After all these years,
Your smile is still like
A peaceful valley.
Your voice is still like
A singing nightingale.
Your touch is still like
A tropical breeze.
Your company is still like
A warming campfire and —

Your Beauty ...?

Oh, what shall I say? Undoubtedly,
It makes a rose look like a broken reed,
It makes a lily look like a trampled thistle and
It makes a lotus look like a crushed dandelion.
But most important
The receiving grace from above …
The beauty of your soul,
The beauty of your faith and
The beauty of your spiritual walk.

Our Trail of Love

Oh, my most beloved,
Yes, we remember
The trials, the tears and the struggles, but …
It always was our true love that brought us victory.
Oh, my precious,
My heart is engraved with your deeds,
My soul is etched with your affection and
My spirit is carved with your devotion.
May the good Lord bless me
To comfort you
Until I breathe my last.

Golden Anniversary

We have loved without fences,
We have made our corners smooth,
We have together scaled every wall and
So we have arrived at
The beaches of our golden years.
Thank you, my precious, thank you, my love.

Sickness and Separated

When you were here there was always
A candle burning,
A fragrance filling our quarters and
A touch only you could minister.
Get well my love,
Get better my precious.

Our Earthly Finish Line

This morning you were lowered into the grave ...
Our journey was extinguished with a flood of tears.
I pray for strength, courage and to be brave,
But without you and with my many fears
Where are our nights, our mornings and our days?
My Lord and my God, please … set me free and
Unite us once more, but now in Your heavenly rays.
Alas, release me Father from this painful loneliness
And let me see
Walking with Jesus in heaven I too will be.

© François DulaPay

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