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Posted by François DulaPay on October 15, 2016.

Routine and regularity without being spontaneous and creating special and caring happenings are common causes of tension within a marriage. Give your mate a flirtatious gesture or leave a tender note. You may use one of these “They Are Talking to Each Other” poems to receive an unexpected reaction. Thank you for visiting us. Tell your friends about Poems 2 the Point.

My Beloved

Your elegance has my awe of
A swimming swan,
Your movements have my captivation of
A descending falcon and
Your charm has my enchantment of
A talking cockatoo.

I Am Moved As

You have touched the strings of my love and
Have caressed me there where I am tender.
And so,
My soul became a humming bee,
My heart became a purring cat and
My spirit became a soaring albatross.

My Heart Blossoms

You are like a flower
To be admired,
To be treasured and
To be loved.
Oh ...
Let me smell your fragrance,
Let me taste your nectar and
May your beauty opens up completely.
May you signal me to explore and
To discover your splendor fully.

You Are My Column to Lean On

How wonderful are your rays and
How welcome are your beams as
Your smile lifts my downcast soul,
Your voice refreshes my spirit and
Your presence renews my outlook.


A look into your eyes
Is like drawing strength from a meal and
Resting my head against your bosom
Is like being enlightened with the utmost comfort.

The Only One

You are
My pulse,
My heart beat and
My only brain wave.
Allow me, my precious,
To be
Your companion,
Your mate and
Your beloved

You Are ...

Oh …
How blessed I am as
My whole being is constantly

Under your umbrella of tender care.
I cannot voice,
Nor write
How much I love you
Other than
In one short sentence …
“You are my all”

It Has Been Said

Never to use “never” and
Never to use “always” but
I say …
Your love never fails
To drench my soul with showers of affection and
Your strength always wraps
My heart in a mantle of security.


Know this my beloved,
That it would be easier for me
To scoop out the Pacific Ocean,
To cultivate the Gobi Desert or
To cover all of the Ural Mountains
Than to separate my love from you.

My Precious

May our love continue
To fly on the wings of a condor,
To ride on the back of a mustang and
Being pulled by the fins of a dolphin.

Some Ladies

Are beautiful,
Some are elegant,
Others are gracious and
Some are radiant.
But you … you are so very special as
The Lord has blessed you with all of the above.

Some Gentlemen

Are handsome,
Some are considerate
Others are intriguing and
Some are reliable.
But you … you are so very special as
The Lord has blessed you with all of the above.

Basket of Velvet

A general is pleased when new territory is secured.
A soldier is pleased when returning from his mission.
But I was
Exuberant when hearing from you.
Oh …
My heartbeat increased,
My eyes wept,
My knees buckled and
My hands were shaking
Learning the latest from back home.
My love, my wife, my all,
You have upheld my soul and
Placed my heart in your basket of velvet.
May we be united once again very, very soon.

Unable to Describe

It is far beyond words and sentences
Other than to say that
There is nothing greater than your arrival.
There is nothing sadder than your departure.

Without Restrain

As the time goes on,
Be assured my beloved
That my love shall
Never stop growing,
As my affection for you is
Rooted like the jungle trees,
Carved like the ocean floor and
Towering like the mountain tops.
Oh …
My inner voice has spoken without restrain.

My Precious

Throughout the years you were for me,
A canvas during downpours,
A shelter during blizzards and
A cave during hurricanes.
You are the
Only one worthy of my love.

Past, Present and Future

You are the one of long ago,
You are the one for today, and
You will be the one for all my breathing days.
Thank you for your boundless love,
Thank you for your immeasurable patience and
Thank you for your never weakening dedication.


In the years past I have tried
To measure your stamina,
To discover the ends of your endurance and
To locate the borders of your strength.
Yet, all efforts were utterly futile.
It would have been better for me
To travel to the four corners of the world,
To walk from polar cap to polar cap and
To reach the starting point of the rising sun.


Throughout the years we have become
The custodians of our souls,
The enchanters of our hearts and
The achievers of all our dreams.


The Lord gave us
A string of memories and
Has blessed us with
Many years of
Comforts and joys.
Praise God for bringing us together
On this earthly trail of life.

© François DulaPay

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