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Posted by François DulaPay on September 10, 2016.

This is a young couple's odyssey of true love, where honesty, trust, surrender and commitment are the foundation for a promising, lasting and blessed marriage. Surely, when you truly love someone, you adjust your life for your spouse. Thank you for visiting Poems 2 the Point and may you share this “Young Couple's Odyssey” with those who are near and dear to you.

True Love

True love is the first step to honesty.
Honesty is the first step to trust.
Trust is the first step to surrender.
Surrender is the first step to commitment and
Commitment is the first step to great rewards.


Your company was treasured more than
A vineyard’s harvest of grapes, or than
An orchard offering a multitude of fruits.

The brief moments we shared were like
A soft spring shower, or like
A gentle summer breeze.

You led me through
Flowering fields and
Blossoming valleys.

Oh, how wonderful it was to witness
Your jolts of cheers and
Your boosts of gladness.

I cradle your hoists towards
Elevations of delight and
Your reaching of the mountain top.

Even though apart may there be
A song in our hearts and
A melody in our thoughts.


Surely, I have met
Women from the East,
Maidens from the West,
Ladies from the North and
Virgins from the South, but
None came even close to your beauty
As your appearance is
More impressive than
The California Redwoods,
More exciting than
The crossing of the Himalayas and
More desirable than
The deep of the Great Barrier Reef.


Oh my love,
I yearn for the moment
When you answer me and
Your voice speaks
Softly into my ear
Yes, I accept.”


Let us ...
Make camp in the Australian Outback,
Walk on the Wall of China and
Enter the Red Square in Moscow.

Thereafter ...
We’ll have tea in London,
Drink wine in Paris and
Dine in Rome.

We continue ...
By climbing the Vesuvius,
Sailing the Mediterranean and
Crossing the Sahara Desert.

Oh, how thrilling …
To stroll along the Nile,
Explore the Amazon and
Float down the Mississippi.

Oh, how exciting ...
To think, “just you and me”
To have this honeymoon and
To travel afar.

Then ...
Upon arrival home again,
We will start a new journey,
A new life of togetherness.

Our Odyssey of Love.

We shall
Bathe each other in waters of excitement,
Dry each other with towels of arousal,
Dress each other with a blanket of incitement and
Recline in a place of harmony.

Only to
Embrace each other with arms of comfort,
Touch each other in areas anew,
Kiss each other there, where we are tender and
Caress each other until a complete fulfillment.

Then, thereafter,
We shall hold each other snug
So that we notice
Our heartbeats and
Our true warmth.

Yes, indeed,
When having heard
Our poetic whisper,
We know that we have loved
Without borders.

Duties Are Calling

Apart but not alone because
When in the meadows
My mind is filled with your beauty.
When in the mountains
My thoughts are teeming with your charm.
When on the ocean
My soul is yearning for your closeness and
When in the air
My heart is craving for your love.
Be strong, my love,
Be courageous, my precious.

Our Daily Lives

At the end of every day,
We kneel down and pray
That our love may grow and
Will be here to stay.

May our chandelier of love
Continue to shine
By carrying the torch
All the way to the finish line.

© François DulaPay

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