Dating and Courtship Poetry - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on September 22, 2016.

Falling in love, dating and courtship are truly wonderful times. And yes, dreams can come true. We hope you will enjoy and share this Poems 2 the Point collection of dreaming, tenderness and a happy ending. May “Dating and Courtship Poetry” give you a smile, a laugh or the start for a lasting relationship.


Walking by your citadel and
Seeing the powerful walls and towers,
The surrounding waters and
The impressive portcullis …

Oh, if I only could be for a brief moment
On the inside of your castle and
Stare upon your grandeur and splendor just
To have a small foretaste of your closeness.

I am waiting near your gate each and every day
Hoping to see a glimpse of your majesty
When you ride out in full armor for
A duel of chivalry or a dangerous hunt.

Maybe you look at me while I bow and
Pay you homage and hope to receive only
An acknowledgment that you did
Notice me by nodding your head with a smile.

I cannot set myself free from
The thoughts of reclining together and
You encircling me in your arms while
Minstrels bringing forth music of adoration.

My nights are filled with dreams of
Your tenderness and yes, it is within you,
As I have seen your compassion for
Your horse after one of your battles.

I lay awake and think of being in
Your courtyard at twilight
Waiting for your return from
A long and strenuous journey.

You greet me while dismounting your horse,
We hold hands and enter the portal of
My dreams and deepest desires by taking me
To your quarters where we will be alone.

Balladeers and servants you have dismissed and
We both know that it will be a night of
Warmth, closeness and love, but then …
A shock, a body convulsion and I wake up.

Reality Check and a

Oh dear, what a dream.
It is still dark and early,
Yet, I want to yell and scream
Where is my prince, handsome and burly?

My goodness, let me see now …
Sitting home will not do!
Going out … but when and how?
I got it ... 72 Boulevard de la Rue.

But that is one of those classy places.
Well … sitting home with your foes
Will not give you any better bases.
Okay, I go saving myself from other major lows.

I will be straight, honest, true and real,
Being genuine and without any air,
Having an outward smile and an inside zeal,
Presenting myself as I am with my signature flair.

Some Dreams Come True

Meeting you was
More majestic than the Northern Lights,
More overwhelming than Southern Hospitality,
More welcome than an Eastern Daybreak and
More exuberant than the Western Discovery.

Having met you and
Gazed upon your exquisite beauty,
Experiencing your unequal charm and
Listening to your words of intellect
Has brought forth within me an unstoppable force.

A force that wants
To look upon your beauty forevermore.
To witness your charm ceaselessly and
To contemplate your words continuously.
All this so that we may both be complete.

Know this, my precious,
No high tide can overwhelm me more than you did.
No summit view can marvel me more than you did.
No ocean deep can engulf me more than you did and
No nature's event can awe me more than you did.

Hoping and Praying

My lover has spoken.
His sentences were like tropical waters,
His closing words like a promising harvest and
His good-bye like an eulogy – unbearable!

Why must he go?
Why must he leave?
Will he return?
Will he ask me again?

My Beloved

Even though in the Far East,
You have not departed from my thoughts and,
Oh, how I wish, my precious,
To put a Thai orchid in your hair and
A Chinese scarf around your shoulders.

How anxious for you and me
To stroll along a beach of tender thoughts,
To walk on a trail of true fondness,
To rest in a forest of whispering words and
To lay down in a meadow of affection.

When will we recline in a place of our own,
Exchange our deep desires,
Surrendering fully to each other?
At my arrival, at my return …
That is a promise!

Without any doubt, and
Be assured, my most precious,
That I have only one destination and
Will haste without delay to be at your side.
Please be strong, hold out, hold on.

My most beloved,
There are four sure things in this world,
Three you know already and
I want you to know from this moment on ...
“My great and committed love for you.”

© François DulaPay

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