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Posted by François DulaPay on September 29, 2016.

This is a Poems 2 the Point collection of poems about two people who were compatible as they gave their hearts away to each other, accepted their new life together and maintained a caring relationship. All was based on their true love and fighting spirits to make it work when the chips were down. May you enjoy these poems of “They Were Compatible” and share them with others.


My Lover Left Me a Note

“Your smile is attached to hope.
Your speech is attached to music.
Your appearance is attached to desire.
Your touch is attached to excitement and
Your closeness is attached to fulfillment.”

My Beloved Whispered to Me

“You gave me
A thrill,
An urge and
A drive
Which were long forgotten.
But now, once again, I will
Roll as a pigeon in the air,
Play as a bear cub around her den and
Leap as a dolphin above the water.”

My Lover Emailed Me

“To see you, - Oh, what a noble sight.
To embrace you, - Oh, what a blessed event and
To be close to you, - Oh, what a dream to hold on to.”

My Beloved Texted Me

“Let me
Be bound by your cords of velvet,
Be enticed by your hands of softness,
Be seduced by your words of tenderness and
Be satisfied by your tender movements of passion.”

My Lover Wrote Me

“When you read this …
May your soul be bathing
In a pool of tranquility.
May your patience be equal
To that of a stork and
May your thoughts look eagerly
Toward my return.”

My Beloved Delivered a Message

“Thank you, my only love, as
Your closeness and affection have given me
The wings to fly over the desert of despair,
The fins to swim through the waters of misery and
The legs to run across the fields of loneliness.”

My Lover Told Me

“You gave me
A reason to breathe,
A purpose to go forth,
A vision to pursue,
An urge to build and
An understanding to love and to be loved.”

My Beloved Spoke Softly

“May your concerns be like abundant copper,
May your compassions be like refined silver and
May your commitments be like pure gold.”

My Lover Shared with Me

“When he was in the woods,
He truly felt like a woodsman.
When he was on the high sea,
He truly felt like a seaman.
When he was in the mountains,
He truly felt like a mountain man and
When he was in the country,
He truly felt like a countryman.
But now that he is in love with me,
He truly feels like my lover-man.”

Just Married

My Beloved

Just as the wildebeests have to migrate,
Let us too move to greener pastures of
Greater understanding and
Thrust our zeal for each other
To an unknown elevation.

My Love

May we always treasure our intimacy,
Clap our hands and have shouts of joy,
Delivering genuine deeds and
Add continuously to our well being
By reaching new horizons.

We Hope and Pray

That a schooner may arrive
With all of our essentials.
That a riverboat will provide
Our delight in the coming years and
That a gondola may continue
To carry our undying romance.

May Our Future

Be filled with sweet melodies,
Be engulfed by genuine acts of love,
Be drenched in appreciation for each other,
Be anchored to a never ending dedication,
Be waving in the wind like the papyrus and
Be floating on the river like the water lilies.

May It Be Given That We

Walk day by day securely hand in hand,
During all kinds of good and bad weather,
Being home or working in a foreign land,
Not being trapped by greener grass, but rather
Laboring to reach our golden strand and
Giving thanks to Him who brought us together.

In the Evening of Their Lives

My Beloved

After all these years your charm still
Wraps my heart in a blanket of true warmth,
Showers my soul with the fragrance of ardor and
My whole being is blessed with your lasting love.

Oh, my precious, no expression
Is able to describe what I feel as it is
Far beyond words and phrases, other than knowing
That you have given me your all.

My Love

After all these years your companionship still
Fascinates me like a fishing eagle,
Captivates me like a century old cedar and
My whole being is blessed with your lasting loyalty.

Oh, my darling, I cannot imagine
My life without you as your helping hand
Was always there to prevent me from
Stumbling when walking, or drowning when swimming.

© François DulaPay

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