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Posted by François DulaPay on October 7, 2016.

Here at Poems 2 the Point, we are not afraid to write about the agony and pain of a divorce. May this lamentation poem collection of “They Did Not Make It” be a guidance to those who are falling in love and want to make the right choice. There is no perfect mate. We all know that but, when dating, it is imperative that you do not deny, but rather see clearly the DNA of your future spouse. Zebras are not changing their stripes and you will hope in vain for the day that tigers are displaying one color. Thank you for visiting us and may you share these poems with those you love and care for.


That you have turned your back on
Our vows, our marriage and our love,
Surely, I am empty and
Without a purpose, without a duty,
Without any ambition, without any delight,
With only one hope, with only one goal.

Once … you were like the nourishing spring showers,
Yet, you turned into a devastating typhoon.
Once … you were stable like a mountain ridge,
Yet, you turned into deadly quicksand.
Once … you were like a gentle evening breeze,
Yet, you turned into a ferocious hurricane.

My soul became a ruin where
All life has ceased but thistles and maggots.
Decay went forth without restraint as
The walls are porous and the windows are scattered.
My heart is dashed to pieces like porcelain and
My thoughts are like shipwrecks on the high seas.

If Only,
I could escape this excruciating torment and
Be delivered from these days of unbearable hurt
By running until exhausted,
By climbing until plunging,
By reasoning until fainting and
Crying until there are no more tears.

Departing Love

You choose to leave, and so
The final grapes have been picked,
The final candle has been snuffed out and
The final tide has turned.

Our last days were like sour fruits,
Our lamp shines no more and
Our breath ebbed into the ocean of no return.
Your decision, my despair.

Why have you taken our trust,
Why have you torpedoed our closeness,
Why have you withered our gardens and
Why have you forgotten our first love?

Please understand the reality of
Falsehood, deception and trickery lest
Your days turn into suffering and
Your gratification into longings.

Depart from those forces of darkness and do not
Go down into a dungeon of imminent devastation.
Come to your senses my precious, and
Rebuff to believe their promises.

For your own sake do not seek the company of
Hyenas who are without mercy,
Sharks who are always ready to attack and
Hawks who are only descending to kill.


When we met for the first time,
You were like a humming bird in the sky.
Oh, how could you change that much as
You are now like a viper from the abyss.

Your fragrance changed to be a sting in my nostrils.
Your love changed to be a blood clot in my veins.
Your softness changed to be a thorn in my eyes and
Your charm changed to be gall in my mouth.

Alas, my heart is barren,
My soul has flushed away and
My whole being has not escaped
Your double-edged sword of fury.

Broken Vows

Our marriage was nothing but ...
A ship without a voyage,
A horse without a trail,
A bee without a task,
An archer without a bow and
An odyssey with a doomed destination.

The Finals

Surely it proves you prefer
To fly on the wings of vultures,
To seek out the vomit of dogs and
To sleep on a bed of rubbish.

Do you really think that you have
Passed through the gates of genuine love,
Have entered the pool of lasting joy and
Will be conscience free with permanent happiness?

I detest your presence, which is equal to
A swamp, a chill, a fever.
Your DNA … I always did deny, but now at last,
Finally … your true colors are fully exposed.

Voilà, you have made your choice,
Preferring to be satisfied by deceit.
Our journey has ended, our tree has fallen,
Its trunk shall not rise again.


Irreconcilable differences is your reason.
Still, the truth lies much deeper
It is nothing short of untwisted treason.
Your actions and deeds … you will be the reaper.

Sooner or later you will conclude
Your new life is same old, same old,
And regretfully agree you were despicable and rude,
But then, too late to return and scold.

For now I am on the road tough and rough,
While you enjoy ill-fated pleasures
In a dark alley of illicit love
Thinking to find inward treasures.

But surely let it be known,
It is on your shoulders till your final hour.
Yet, in time I will be shown
An avenue with inner peace and all the needed power.

© François DulaPay

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