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Posted by François DulaPay on November 19, 2016.

When we are able to pray, it is a blessing from above. And when praying from the heart, the Lord will give us inner peace when in agony or pain. He will guide us when lost or confused because He is our God, who we can call “Abba, Father.”

It Is Our Prayer

That The Almighty will continue
To bless your days in such a way
That your witnessing may
Stand as tall as the cedars,
That your faith may
Be as strong as an oak and
That your joy in the Lord may
Bloom as richly as the acacia.

How to Pray

Oh God, teach us how to pray,
Especially when grievous trials are ours.
Help our anger to fade so that we may
Discover the blessing of praying powers.

In deep distress, what shall we say?
Yes, Lord, we know Your Word and do believe.
What, then, to ask in an acceptable way ...
Oh, Father, address our questions, our unbelief.

We admit that You are needed every hour, every day.
Why, then, so often we do it alone?
Grant us in Jesus to think, to plan, to pray
Bless our thoughts, our deeds, our home.

Wisdom and Understanding

Dear Father,
We know that you
Do not confine wisdom to the wise,
Understanding to the rich and
Knowledge to the old.
Therefore, Father,
We ask you, as
The common,
The poor and
The young,
To grant us
All the tools to glorify Your Name.

Since Childhood

Almighty God,
Help us with that what we
Have heard since childhood,
Being told from an early age on,
Read countless times,
Known from preaching,
Celebrated over the years,
Witnessed to the world,
Told neighbors,
Trained others, and
Shared with loved ones …
To uphold it as the
Most precious gift of all.
Keep us from becoming
Immune toward the richness and
True understanding of the Gospel.
Keep us vigilant, alert, and wakeful
In the knowledge that
You are our Shepherd, our Rock, and
Our Salvation.

Future Generation

Gracious Lord,
We pray for our youngsters,
Who are in the foothills of their lives,
That You may lead them safely through
The mountain passes of
Their aims, their decisions, and ...
Their love for You.

Not Being Affected

Father in Heaven,
May we be
Humble in Wisdom,
Secure in Fear,
Meek in Power,
Trusting in Weakness,
Strong in Temptation,
Joyful in Sadness,
Stable in Changes and
Not being affected in
Times of Spiritual Decline.

Our Loved Ones

Dear Lord,
Be with the ones we love,
Who are yielding to a call of deception.
Please, Lord, do not allow them
To have their faith shipwrecked
By the forces of darkness.

Guidance from Above

Almighty Father,
Teach us how to pray with adoration and
To express how much we love You.
We confess our sins and shortcomings and
Ask for Your forgiveness.
Accept, Lord, our thanksgiving for Your mercy.
We thank You, Father, for listening to all of
Our needs of family, friends and neighbors.
Please guide our words of praise and requests.
In Jesus’ Name,

If It Is Your Will

Oh Father,
May you guide me to a partner in the Lord.
Let my feet pass the threshold of affection and
May my legs walk on the road of companionship.
Let me share Your Word,
Your mercies and Your blessings
With a mate of Your choice.
Bless me, Lord, with love and to be loved
So that I have not yearned in vain.
May my arms embrace, share tenderness and
Closeness with the one you grant me.
Teach me patience, Father, and
Give me strength to bear that which is not.

© François DulaPay

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