Encouragement for a New Year - Poems 2 the Point

Posted by François DulaPay on December 6, 2016.

We all have the best intentions for a new start after a birthday, an anniversary, or a new calendar year. Let us encourage each other while we are still on the starting blocks of new beginnings. Every day is the right day to share, and we hope that these Poems 2 the Point encouragements may be of help to you.

In All You Do

Clap your hands,
Stamp your feet, and
Shout for joy!
May a freighter deliver you
Goods of substance.
May a yacht bring you
Through waters of difficulties and
May a kayak carry you to
Shores of adventure and beauty.

Until Then …

Stay vigilant and still.
Chase not after a cloud,
Pursue not the morning fog and
Run not after the wind, but
Rely on Him who gave you
Breath to live,
A mind to think and
Feelings to express.


Saddle your horse for battle,
Draw your sword to advance and
Wave the flag of victory.

Aim and Chase

Aim like the chameleon,
Chase like the wolf and
Be victorious like the lion.

Reaching the Finish Line

May difficulties be far from you,
May your blessings be numerous and
May endurance never leave you, so that
You may reach the finish line,
Being rewarded with inner joy,
Happiness and true thanksgiving to
Him who made it all possible.

Nevertheless …

A boat's mast may be broken,
Yet, she still floats.

Journey with the Lord

My prayer will be that
When you encounter difficulties,
The maze will be large enough to swim through and
When you face troubles,
The snare on your trail can be avoided.
Go with God and journey with the Lord.

Hope You …

Connect the truth with the facts and
Bind honesty with reality.
Always uphold order and
Break down anarchy.
Put on justice and
Hold onto fairness.
You will be catapulted to
Elevations of righteousness and
Propelled to levels of great wisdom.

You Can!

Nest high like the eagles for your splendid view,
Dive deep like the seals for your favored food and
Track far like the caribou for your summer grounds.

Clean, Fresh and Cool

Never let your waterfall of
Enthusiasm cease to flow, and
Always let your mind be as a
Snow covered mountain top,
Clean, fresh, and cool.

Journey's Best Wishes

Wishing you
Blue skies,
Flowering meadows and
Peaceful waters.

A New Year

We hope that all of you
Experience a new year of much gladness,
Walking on the path of luster,
Breathing clear air of joy, peace and renewal.

Daily Work

Hoping your daily work gives you
A genuine smile,
Great rewards and
A continually uplifted spirit.

Virtues I

Chase whatever is noble,
Enjoy whatever is honest and
Gain whatever is wise.

The Seasons

Take off in spring,
Fly high in summer,
Return safely in autumn and
Reflect thankfully in winter.

Virtues II

Accompany the humble,
Learn from the meek and
Embrace the wise,
So that
Your knowledge multiplies and
Your understanding increases.

Life's Challenges

You will come across great opportunities and
You will view magnificent panoramas,
But also …
You will journey through challenging waters and
You will enter unknown mountain passes,
All this …
To ensure blessed returns and
A homecoming of great joy and comfort.

Virtues III

Throw your net into rich waters,
Cast your line towards the needy and
Propel your mind to a level of great compassion.


Hope you welcome each dawn and
Are pleased with an every morning.
May your days be smooth and
Your times together most precious.

Stand Firm

May your ears be filled with music
That will elevate your mind
To a level of inner peace.
May you float like a water lily,
Bend graciously like the papyrus
During your daily encounters. Yet,
May you stand firm like the oak tree
In that which is noble, honest and of benefit
For the spiritual life of you and yours.

Battles and Solace

Attack courageously all your foes,
Conquer victoriously all your adversaries,
Sign a treaty with the opposition and
Establish a covenant with laughter.
Thereafter, may you
Enter valleys of tranquility,
Travel roads of harmony,
Bathe in waters of comfort and
Reside in dwellings of solace.

Aim and Reward

Trust in and aim for that
Which is peace giving,
Which is from above and
Which shall be forever.
Give thanks to the Lord always and
May all your trails be like
A gentle mid-afternoon stroll.
Experience forests of inspiration
Touch waters of refreshments and
Lie down in meadows of tranquility.

Wishing You the Best

It is my hope that you are
Being touched by laughter,
Holding hands with joy and
Being embraced by comfort.

Your House

Your house is favored
With many gifts from above because
The love in your midst is evident.
May you all continue to
Walk abreast of each other,
To aim for that which is
Deeper than the oceans,
Wider than the prairies,
Loftier than the mountains and
Broader than the skies, so that
All your harvests
Will continue to be in abundance.
May the Lord be with you always.

© François DulaPay

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