Couples Need Compatibility ... and True Love

Posted by François DulaPay on December 17, 2016.

Successful couples have compatibility and … true love. When these are present, everything falls into place as true love gives them patience, understanding, tenderness and forgiveness. May this Poems 2 the Point blog assist you in warming the heart of your spouse.

So I Thought …

I thought I’d seen magnificence
When viewing Mount Everest,
Until I met you.

I thought I’d experienced grandeur
When observing the area of Lapland,
Until I was in your presence.

I thought I was captivated by beauty
When crossing the Island of Bali,
Until I looked into your eyes.

Oh, my love, my precious, all
My journeys were just routine and
My sightings not worth mentioning.

It all was insignificant when compared
With our last night of closeness and then
I knew we had experienced the dawn of our history.

Sincere Thanks

I cannot thank you enough
For your touching e-mail
As your words were
More welcome than food,
More enjoyable than wine, and
More precious than music.

Not only that …
They were without a doubt
Salve for my mind,
Myrrh for my soul,
Balsam for my heart and
Nard for my spirit.

If I were a model, I would pose for you.
But you are not a sculptor.
If I were a nurse, I would serve your needs.
But you are not sick.
If I were a flight attendant, I would cater to you.
But we are not flying together.

Therefore, my love,
Allow me to be your beloved and
I will pose as you’ve never encountered.
I will serve as you’ve never experienced and
I will cater to you exceeding any imagination
So that we may fly above and beyond all horizons.

Patience in Love

Jacob worked seven years for Leah and
Seven years for Rachel, but may you know
I will surely work my whole life
For your closeness,
For your affection and
For our intimacy.

Dreams Come True

An athlete is happy when winning gold,
A politician is joyful when winning the election and
A musician is pleased when winning an award, but
I was ecstatic when your letter reached me.

Why? Because you have anchored my dreams
With your proposal by
Choosing me and sealing our future.
Oh, let us shorten the time we are apart.

May we have our last greeting only
To depart together to the starting line of
Our love, our passion, and our dedication
For a life of treasuring each other without ceasing.

Past and Future

My domicile was a cave of loneliness and
I fed myself from the tundra of solitude.
Then you came along and brought me down
To a valley of joy long forgotten,
Bathed me in the creek of renewal and
Opened my eyes to see flowering acreage once again.
Surely, you brought us to
Daybreaks of great expectations and
Dusks of immeasurable satisfaction.

My Warrior

Your appearance is like a charioteer,
Your stallions are snorting and ready for battle.
Your arrows aim, hitting their targets, and
Your speed is like lightning to victory.

After your combat
I will soothe your muscles,
Caress your thoughts, and
Satisfy all of your longings.

As for My Travels ...

I thought that the Arabian nights were exciting,
Exploring the Orient adventurous, but
It all was like a walk around a city block
When compared with what you’ve already given me.

Surely, I have met with roses and
Interacted with orchids, but
You are the flower of my dreams,
The Lotus of my mind.

Your embrace is more exciting
Than a diver's basket with treasures,
Warmer than the noonday sun and
More comfortable than a kangaroo pouch.

I have loved before, but now,
Having you, and looking back,
It was like walking in a meadow of thistles or
Swimming in a half-empty pond.

You brought me into your forest of fragrance,
Invited me into your river of excitement,
Let me lay down in your pasture of true affection and
Guided me to your elevation of splendor.

The Epic of Satisfaction

Each of your calls is irresistible!
Your gentle summons … oh
Who can resist?
You are like
A mountain ram in season,
The conqueror on the hillside.
All of your maidens are anxious.
Yet, you have chosen me.
How privileged!
How wonderful!
How marvelous!
I cannot break free from
Your thrilling movements and
Your soft caress brings me
To the epic of satisfaction.

Waterfall of True Love

Yes, indeed
There was a touch before
But then how to ... was unknown.
Yes, indeed
There was caress before
But then how to ... was unknown.
Yes, indeed
There was love before
But then how to … was unknown.

Surely, you have opened
My most precious yearbook,
As you have started to
Plow the landscape of my desires,
Seeding the estate of our future and
Cultivate the plantation of our commitment.
You created tender spring showers and
Making us drink each and every day
From the waterfall of our true love.


As inseparable as
A koala bear and her young,
So inseparable
Is my mind from
The enriched hours we shared.
You bestowed upon me
A web of nectar ropes,
Satin linings and
Lavish feelings which cannot
Be expressed, not even with
The classical languages of old.

Guilty as Charged

Oh, how can I liberate my thoughts
From what you just said?
You gave me writing inspirations
Greater than
The Swiss Alps,
The Peruvian Amazon and
The Bangladesh Delta combined.
Even when creating
An ocean full of novels about
Our treasurable strokes of time,
It would only be one snowflake of
A winter-covered Alaskan countryside.

Thank you, my love,
Bless you, my precious.

Why are my eyes crying?
Why are my feelings like an ictus and
Why is my inner being crushed?

We are both guilty as charged!

© François DulaPay

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