Smorgasbord I of Poetry and Quotes

Posted by François DulaPay on January 28, 2017.

A smorgasbord of poetry and quotes about many aspects of life, that will sharpen the mind, make you think and perhaps meditate -- like looking into a mirror. It is an interesting collection of poems and quotes about love, travel, romance, daily living, spirituality and reflection. Often there will be just the right moment to share this Poems 2 the Point Smorgasbord I of Poetry and Quotes with others.


Having you in my embrace, ... Oh,
Not a tongue could utter the right words,
Nor could a pen write the proper sentence,
Nor could a mind define what was felt, ... and so
My Beloved,
What shall I yield,
What shall I return, and
What shall I render
For having experienced
Your delight and your love?

Gold I do not have,
Flowers will wither, and
Perfume will surely fade.
May this writing be more than metal,
Beyond blossoms, and above fragrance.
May it grant you, in times of need,
A spark of joy,
A sense of comfort, and
A feeling of serenity.


So Happy with my Man
Who is as
Strong as a lion,
Swift as an eagle and
Smart as a fox.

So Happy with my Woman
Who is as
Elegant as a gazelle
Gifted as a parrot and
Charming as a panda.

Into History

Large branches and
Earned respect,
Outliving humans and
Going into history.

A Traveling Man’s Motto

Many Roads, One Goal
“Multarum Viarum Una Meta”


When making them faithfully and honestly,
Then, and only then, will you
Be blessed with a rewarding future
Rather than looking back on a regretful past.

As Much As …

I cannot
Outrun the setting sun, or
Reverse the flow of a river,
So I am unable
To put you out of my mind.

Good and Bad

Bad memories are like shackles for a lifetime.
Like trying to shake a tick off your skin.

Good memories are like wings of joy,
Sharing the riches from above.

Yet the eternal God
Authorized the one as well as the other.

If I Were ...

If I were a farmer,
I would farm for you, and
If I were a hunter,
I would hunt for you.
Yet, we are lovers,
Let us swell in love.

Thoughts of a Lone Traveler

Tied Down to Nothing,
Committed to One.

The Feeling of Freedom:
Just God and Me.

Traveling Man Meets
Traveling Woman

You stirred up my soul and
Caused my spirit to quake.
Still ...
I praise the Lord for having met you.
May He protect you from all harm and
Bless all of your departures and arrivals.

Now That ...

It has become apparent
From our embrace that
- The Lord willing –
You will be:
The highlight of this journey,
The golden destination and
Our tambourines on foreign soil.

To no Avail

Vulgarity is the closing curtain
On any further discussions!
Would it be fruitful
To discuss matters with a fool?

New Journey

May you enter your new journey
Being content and without fear,
Giving and offering to the Lord
Your praises without hurrying, and
Your requests without worrying.

No Silence

My pen shall never be silent,
No matter how great the threat.
Nor ...
Shall my pen be crippled
By any sorrow or setbacks.


Thank you for
Drenching me with
Your oil of tenderness,
Bathing me in
Your pool of elegance, and
Covering me with
Your blanket of togetherness.


To ‘lust after’ releases forces of evil and
Will change a spiritual oak to
A wind-directed tumbleweed.

Far Away

Further from Home,
Nearer to God.

The Choices We Have

Rather battling
On the rough trail to heaven
Than ...
Being offered a ride
On the smooth highway to the abyss.

Without True Love

The most attractive traits in a person and
The virtues which were pursued,
Will jealously be used
As the main reason for
Separation and abandonment.

Precious Moments

Oh, how marvelous it was
To see you again and
To adore your grace, as it
Was more exuberant than
Viewing surfing orcas,
Galloping horses, or
Fleeing swans.
Being close to you
Gave me more excitement than
Jungle camping,
Wilderness crossing, or
Tropical diving.
Thank you for those precious moments.

Without ...

Being the majority of the popular vote,
Should not be the foundation
To support a particular issue
Without morals,
Without ethics,
Without righteousness, and
Without justice.


Then you will
Add wisdom,
Enrich your life, and
Gain more understanding.

It’s ...

It's great to be alive,
It's a privilege to travel,
It's a blessing to be witnessing and
It's by His grace to realize the above.

© François DulaPay

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