Smorgasbord II of Poetry and Quotes

Posted by François DulaPay on January 28, 2017.

A smorgasbord of poetry and quotes about many aspects of life, that will sharpen the mind, make you think and perhaps meditate -- like looking into a mirror. It is an interesting collection of poems and quotes about love, travel, romance, daily living, spirituality and reflection. Often there will be just the right moment to share this Poems 2 the Point Smorgasbord II of Poetry and Quotes with others.

My Days

My days were filled with
Diving for pearls,
Searching for rubbies, and
Digging for gold, but
Now that I have met you,
Those activities were utterly futile, as
You are
My treasure from the deep,
My wealth from the land, and
My exquisite reward for waiting.
My love shall be absolute, as
You are the creek that has reached
The barren lands of my soul.

With and Without True Love

When true love is present
Many shortcomings are overlooked.
When true love is absent
Every shortcoming is
Harbored and
Used in a final fierce attack
To justify a well-planned desertion.

True Colors

Overriding the truth
By arguing strongly with
Unjust attacks, twisted facts and outrageous lies
Translates into the reflection of
Someone's true colors and evil deeds.

Small Salad

Life is like a banquet and,
Without traveling,
You have eaten
Only a small salad.

Faith and Roots

Give them
Love with discipline,
Discipline with wisdom,
Wisdom with faith, and
Faith with roots.


Jealousy in a marriage
Is like
Woodworms in a Stradivarius.

Surely ...

Your brook has penetrated my heart and
Filled it with spring waters of tenderness.
You have extended your jetty deep into
My lake of desires and have
Anchored your splendor in my thoughts.

Go Forth

Acts of darkness
Are directed to the one
You want to discard from your life
In order to be justified and
To go forth in the freedom of deceit.

Going Places

Traveling feeds the mind
Like no other activity.

Going Forth

Listening is the first step to wisdom and
Understanding is the first avenue to knowledge.

Gossip and Slander

Is more devastating
A world city lost in war.

It Is Good to Rush

Your letter catapulted me to
Elevations where no man had gone before.
How can I thank you?
How can I show you my deep affection
Other than to rush to the one I love!


True guilt without repentance
Is translated into
False accusations,
Fabricated facts,
Despicable attacks and
Outright lies.

Changes I

When thinking of you from afar,
My dandelion thoughts
Are changing into
Lotus sentences and
My grassland phrases
Are changing into
Flowering vineyard expressions.

Twisted Mind

Unacceptable guilt is echoed by
Anger, resentment, and rejection,
Calling vile pure, ugliness beautiful and
Stating that no injustice was done.

Changes II

Last evening
You deposited your love
Into the dungeon of my spirit and
Have brought my soul
Into the cathedral of renewal.

Time and Forgiveness

Time does not minimize the sins of the past and
Many years do not pardon wrong doings of long ago.
Yet forgiveness is a blessing from above.

Train and Plane

To arrive without strain,
The wise and the sane
Are traveling by train.

To arrive with much strain?
No, says the wise and the sane
We ain’t traveling by plane.


May have given their children
A dark canopy for life, or
A blue sky of freedom.

Drop and Hot

May your anger
Have the life span
Of a fountain drop, and
May your warmth
Have a life span
Of a hot spring.

Spoken Words

A sentence uttered during a sudden burst of emotion,
Has a deep and undeniable truth.

Life and Duty

A life without
A call of duty
Is not worth living.


When you drive, do it cautiously,
When you work, do it joyfully, and
When you return home safely,
Give thanks.

Heaven or Twitter

Some aim for a place in history.
Some aim for a place in a Hall of Fame.
Some aim for a place in Twitter.
But as for you?
Is your aim for a place in heaven?

Feed and Dream

We like
To feed our dreams,
And not
To wake up to reality.


Envy in a relationship
Is a domestic torpedo.


Forgiveness is the highway of our spiritual life.


Perfect manners are like sinless days.
Very simple, they do not exist.

Strength, Debatable

The strength of a man
Is as strong as
His weakest link to darkness.

A Promising Summer?

As an earthquake shakes a building,
So you have shaken my heart.
As a stream waters a parcel of land,
So you have watered my spirit, and
As springtime promises new life,
So you have fed my dreams.
Can we have a splendid summer together?

© François DulaPay

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