Potpourri I of Poetry and Quotes

Posted by François DulaPay on February 9, 2017.

Life is like highways and byways. Some have breathtaking scenery, others just barren lands. May we learn from both of them -- and the miles traveled. This blog -- Potpourri I -- gives you marvelous pit stops and pullovers to think about your next route or recall past journeys. Please share Poems 2 the Point with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.


Oh my love,
When I think of you,
My mind is sleepless,
My soul is restless and
My heart is pounding.
Why should I delay,
Why should I resist,
Why should I withstand
Our desires,
Our love and
Our passion?
Your smile is my food,
Your voice is my joy, and
Your embrace is my peace.
When in your presence,
Gazing upon your elegance,
My dreams are nullified and
My wishes are nihil.
Permit me, my love,
Allow me, my precious,
To enter your quarters,
To be by your side.
Let us both be engulfed
In our pool of adoration,
In our world of true warmth.

Is It Not Better

To accept wisdom by listening than
Throwing out advice by rebellion?

Pray That We’d Rather

Serve the Lord than
Have our hearts filled with
The urges of selfishness.

Your Walk

May you walk beside each other
On the path of understanding.
Practice genuine love and
Harbor no ill within.

March On

March on, my soul,
March on.
Be strong.
Be courageous.
Hold on.
Hold out.
The finish line is there,
The end will come.
A reward is promised.
A reward is waiting.
You will enter.
You will arrive at
The region of no nights,
The region of the everlasting,
The heavens of unknown splendor,
The heavens of unknown grandeur,
With feelings of exaltation,
Praising the Lord forever.

The Four Virtues

May your heart be cleansed by a stream of holiness and
May your inner being go forth through a field of luster.
May the good Lord grant you a fountain of
Trust, Hope, Love and Faith.

Daily Refreshments

May your trails of discovery go
Parallel with brooks of clear water,
Enabling you to refresh your body and mind daily.

It Cannot Be

We have dreamed in vain
When we were
Walking on the trail of excitement,
Moving across the river of charm,
Wandering in the fields of tenderness,
Feeling the warmth of our embrace.
All our hope of lasting passion
Is painfully futile because
It cannot be.
Our love is unreachable,
Our touch is imaginary and
Our closeness is a fainting vision.
It was never meant to be.
Let go and let us be free.

My Most Precious

Oh, you continually
Open our wings of desire,
Enticing us to pass through
Our gate of true affection and
Make us swell in love behind
Our windows of commitment.
Ceaselessly you give us a drive
Exceeding the force of
A tidal wave and
A thundering waterfall.
Our closeness and
Our whispered words
Are the curtain drawn on
Our precious intimacy.
Thank you, my only love,
Thank you, my most precious.

© François DulaPay

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