Potpourri II of Poetry and Quotes

Posted by François DulaPay on February 9, 2017.

Life is like highways and byways. Some have breathtaking scenery, others just barren lands. May we learn from both of them -- and the miles traveled. This blog -- Potpourri II -- gives you marvelous pit stops and pullovers to think about your next route or recall past journeys. Please share Poems 2 the Point with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Longing For …

Your voice is like
A tune in the air,
A melody in the grasslands,
A choir in the forest and
A symphony in the mountains.
Speak to me, my love,
Whisper to me, my precious.

Just Words, But …

May these words bring
A smile to your face,
Warmth to your soul, and
Joy to your spirit.

Best Wishes

May you let the gentle breeze of
The Lord's instructions
Touch and direct your mind when
You turn on the trails of life.
May you climb to elevations of
Greater understanding and overcome,
With strength from above,
All hindrance along the way.
And may you choose
The companionship of the Lord always
And accept
His precepts,
His guidance, and
His grace.


The very brief moments we shared,
Having gazed upon your dazzling beauty,
Experienced your irresistible fragrance, and
Felt your overwhelming warmth,
Have changed me …
Can we have a mutual destination?

From Above

He gave you a mind to study,
A sense to enjoy, and
The stamina to accomplish.

My Wife, My All

When you rise like the early dawn,
Like an awakening valley,
You are most exquisite and
Your beauty is always overpowering.
Each day you greet me
With beams of great expectations and
You are fascinating in all your moves
Like the early morning rays.
You comfort me with your warmth and
Your smile is like an early carillon.
As a flower you unfold and radiate your splendor,
Giving me the energy to face the new day.

May You Always Wear

Skirts of youth,
Dresses of charm,
Garments of warmth,
Robes of comfort, and
Gowns of elegance.

To Areas Anew

It is my wish
That your mind may be
As calm as a peaceful lake.
That your eyes may see
A rising sun of hope.
That your hands may do
Joyful daily tasks and
That your feet may bring
You to areas anew.

By Name

We are not soldiers of an unit of which
The general does not know our names.
We are not laborers of a company of which
The director does not know our names.
We are not citizens of a monarchy of which
The king does not know our names.
No! Praise the Lord!
We are soldiers of His Army,
We are laborers of His Gospel,
We are citizens of His Kingdom, and
He knows each and every one of us
By name.

Like a Diamond

Your body is like a diamond,
Each side is sparkling with beauty,
Each facet is pleasing to the eye, and
Your crown is there to be admired.

You uplift my soul,
You gladden my heart
You energize my whole being and
You give me reasons to pursue.


May your faith always be growing,
May your mind always be stable,
May your wisdom always be increasing,
May your strength always be available and
May your joy always be abundant.

© François DulaPay

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