Marriage à la Five and Dime Store or à la Heaven

Posted by François DulaPay on April 15, 2017.

Indeed, we may often wonder when looking at the marriages of people around us. Yet, when looking at our own marriage, we know whether we have entered the Five and Dime Store or we have a marriage from Heaven. May this blog be a warning not to rush into marriage, but give yourself time by dating and discovering all the needed DNA's of your future partner. Yes, you can learn and teach the proper place for dirty laundry and how to make a pleasing meal, but a sloth does not learn to be busy as a beaver, a shark does not learn to be playful as a dolphin, and a grizzly does not learn to be social as an elephant. Please share this Poems 2 the Point writing with your sons, daughters, relatives, friends and neighbors.

Marriage à la Heaven


I wish I could write these thoughts with a feather pen.
As the handwriting would attest to my utmost warmth
And your reading would radiate my inmost feelings.

I wish we were born in the time of dueling.
I would surely battle all of my challengers and
You would be pleased with my triumphs galore.

Most Certainly

There will be no end of my pursuit and conquering
Until my undying dream becomes reality by
Having you in my embrace forever more.

There will be no shying away from any rival
And it will be well worth all my wounds
To have conquered your heart and your lasting affection.

No Need

There is no need for you to write with a feather pen.
A typed letter, an email or even a text message will be just fine
As we must fully understand that it is not important
How it is written, but what is written.

There is no need for you to duel, to injure, to eliminate.
I will make my choice and I will point my scepter,
Which will be based on honesty, trust, meekness,
Unselfishness, communication and above all … true love.

Your Entrance

You have already entered the chambers of my mind
As I knew you from days past. And now I ask myself,
Who was Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, or Napoleon
But conquering kids having a fight about a girlfriend.

You are already at the doorposts of my heart
As I now contemplate the rich and famous, I ask myself
Who was Casanova, Don Juan or Lawrence of Arabia
But gentlemen lacking my deeper inner soul's desires.


After reading your reply, I was a changed man.
My blood pressure went off the chart and
My pulse was constant, like heavy cannon salvos.
Now I knew our odyssey of love had started.

You talked about conquerors of old,
But allow me to mention women that made history.
There was the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra and Lady Godiva.
Yet none compare or are equal to your beauty and elegance.

Having voyaged on the Explorer of the Seas across the oceans,
Journeyed the Silk Route connecting the East and the West,
Traveled the exciting Alps and the mighty Volga River
I’ve never met a woman of your stature and intellect.


When at home, will there be anyone to share my laughs or concerns?
After any of my departures, is there someone waiting for me?
When arriving, no matter where, can my arms embrace the one I love?
Will our writings not be in vain, and shall we be strolling together?

Get Real

Can a hummingbird resist a Columbine?
Can a butterfly say no to a Lilac?
Would not a retriever fetch a stick from the water?
Would not a stallion rear when seeing a mare?

Get real, my friend, and by all means accept us strolling together!
We will not only stroll, but march, swim and fly as a team,
Observing, learning and discussing all that is within us,
The good, the bad, the virtues, the acceptables and unacceptables.

We will expose what is hidden and deal with it.
We will interact and be willing to adjust for the better.
We will evaluate, give and take -- yet more giving than taking.
We will be patient, unselfish, loving, caring and, above all ... forgiving.

Questions Answered

I will share not only your laughs and concerns but also your dreams and love!
Your departures will be my departures and your arrivals will be my arrivals!
Our arms will not only embrace, but hoist when down and support when weak!
Our writings will not be in vain but a witness to our true inner feelings!

Marriage à la Five and Dime Store


Cannot quite place her subject matters on our first date.
Well … it doesn’t matter, she is still breathtaking.
Cannot quite place her demands during our first shopping trip.
Well … it doesn’t matter, she remains as no woman before.

Cannot wait to be with her and to fulfill all of her desires.
Too soon? … Come on, receive what is given to you.
Cannot wait to be together with her and to share all my tangibles.
Too soon? … Come on, I’m not perfect either; she can change.


Why does he talk so much about himself, even on our first date?
Well … he is still the most handsome guy I have ever dated.
Why do we shop separately, he for sports, cars and tools, me for clothes?
Well … he has manly interests, and I have to see today's fashions.

When he is not talking about himself, it seems he has no interest in me.
He can change … I'll work on it; in time he will ask me intimate questions.
He forgets certain days, and so far, there have been no special or tender gifts.
He can change … I'll work on it; in time he’ll remember, and will be more giving.

© François DulaPay

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