Darkness Over Expats

Posted by François DulaPay on July 8, 2020.

Darkness Over Expats

Our visa stated
Time is up, you must leave.
Unimaginable pain and no time to grieve.
Alas, what a hurt we nearly fainted.

The country we love became our home
And as of now, where shall we go?
Surely it all became our greatest foe
While looking at our scattered dome.

Arrows have pierced many a heart
As having entered a dreadful maze.
But may the God of all grace
Strengthen our loved ones while we are apart.

Oh Lord, please unite us once more
Regardless this epidemic and its tears,
Our anxiety and the many fears.
If not on this earth than in heaven for sure.

By Your mercy we all will be there,
Having forgotten these roads rough and tough
Knowing You pulled us through with your love
And then the glory of our God forevermore to share.

July 2020 Isaiah 55:8
© François DulaPay
© François DulaPay

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