Long before we all were born,
And during the war from which we did arise,
Regardless the enormous pain and terrible torn,
Photographs did reveal your sparkling eyes.
Nurturing all of us in our home,
Going the distance with countless miles,
Comforting under your umbrella, your caring dome,
And always with that humor and those sparkling eyes.
You were a delight to our hearts,
Even in bad times you offered your smiles
And filled our souls in the needed parts
With Godly words and your sparkling eyes.
Now, that your hands and wings are folded,
Oh mom, how many tears, how many cries?
Yet, so thankful are we, whom you have molded
With your love, your faith, and those sparkling eyes.
We praise the Lord for your hope and trust,
Your understanding, in which you were so wise,
By being committed to teach us The Light - a must
In a loving way and with your sparkling eyes.
Alas, it hurts to see no more your grace,
Your elegance as the eagle flies,
Still, we know you are today in a better place,
And looking down with those sparkling eyes.
As a beautiful water lily you have floated away,
But in our thoughts there will be forever these ties
Of your humor, your love, your faith, and this dreadful day
When God Almighty closed your sparkling eyes.

© François DulaPay

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