Missing My Queen
My precious, my love,
What purpose have minstrels and
For what reason to have balladeers
When you are afar?
Our citadel is like a ruin,
Our fortress is utterly empty and
Our castle is like a morgue.
Oh how I
Long for your company,
Desire your closeness and
Covet to have you next to me.
Painful yearnings
To embrace the woman of my desire,
To please the one I am blessed with and
To caress the love of my life.
May it be soon that I
Whisper poetic sentences about
Your splendid beauty and
Your irresistible charm.
No greater reward is witnessing
Your reactions and
Your responses of
Receiving my love.
May you journey today and
Without delay send ahead
A dove delivering good tidings or
Grant your courier a swift horse.
May we soon
Rescue our dawns,
Elevate our days and
Reward once more our nights.
Oh, how long for
My precious,
Oh, how long for
My queen!
© François DulaPay

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