I have
Crossed deserts,
Trekked jungles,
Voyaged oceans,
Traveled prairies,
Passed through tundra's,
Climbed across mountain ranges,
Journeyed far beyond the Arctic Circle,
Flown over the North Pole and
Walked on either sides of the Equator ...
Be assured, my love, that
Those past travel excitements were only
That of a mid-afternoon cricket game and of
No contest now that I have met you.
Being in your presence,
Seeing your astonishing beauty and
Sharing with you those moments of treasure in
Understanding, caring, loving and passion,
Oh, surely for me it is
“The Arrival of a Lifetime”
Finally … my odyssey is complete and
I shall travel no more, but
Stay along your side
Until my final breath.
© François DulaPay

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