My love, my precious,
Free me from these days of
Thinking without concluding,
Reaching without touching and
Loving without affection.
My nights are filled with torments and
During the hours of light, my work is futile as
You have given me no direct answer.
If it is for you a game to play,
Surely, I shall go.
If it is for you a test to conduct,
Surely, I shall battle and
If it is for you true love,
Surely, I shall be patient and, for now,
Desire without embracing.
Oh my love, my precious,
Permit me
To fight for your heart and
To conquer your love.
Grant me to view your beauty,
Summon me to come near for your touch, and
I shall experience the fresh air after
Being in the dungeon of loneliness and
Living in the desert of isolation.
But if you reject me,
May I be given the
Strength to fly away from
Underneath the cloud of longings and
To soar in the blue open skies of liberty. 
© François DulaPay

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