Unquestionable Awe
Being close to you
Created within me more awe than
The Scottish Highlands,
The Australian Outback and
The Norwegian Fjords.
Having you in my embrace ... oh,
Not a mind could conceive such a dream,
Not a tongue could utter the right words,
Nor a pen could write the proper sentence and
Not a feeling could be more accelerating.
 And so ...
 What shall I yield,
What shall I return and
What shall I render
For having experienced your love?
Surely ...
Gold I do not have,
Jewelry is beyond my means,
Flowers are short lived and
Perfume will fade.
Therefore, may this writing be
More welcome than metal,
Passing all ornaments,
Being beyond any blossom and
Above all fragrance.
May it grant you in times of need,
A smile of joy,
A spark of delight,
A boost of comfort and
A feeling of intimacy.
© François DulaPay

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