Odyssey Prayer
My Dear God
I know You are there,
And will place my safety in Your care.
Grant me wit when making routes and plans,
And let me travel without being tense.
In time You will show me the way
To the right destination and I’ll rejoice that day.
Teach me patience and let me see,
Regardless the peril, in Christ Jesus I will be free.
Thank You for my health, strength and mind,
Guide me so I will search and find.
Thank You for the days of sun and rain,
Help me to praise and not to journey in vain.
Thank You for providing my daily food,
Give me sound judgment in situations of bad and good.
Thank You for the greatness of knowing You,
Please Lord keep me close in everything I do.
At the beginning of every night,
I call upon Your love and might
To protect me, while in my tent,
From men, animals or a nature’s accident.
When I sleep please hover over me,
And as the new day starts bless me with wisdom so I can be
Your servant in word and deed.
Thank You Lord for listening to all my odyssey needs.
© François DulaPay

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