Oh My Love
Can you say to hunger: "Be quiet?"
Can you say to thirst: "Forget about it?"
Can you say to the wind: "Calm down?"
Can you say to the tide: "Don't come in?"
Can you say to the bee: "Stop making honey?"
Can you say the butterfly: "Pollinating is a waste?"
And so
I cannot say to
My flaming love for you:
"Extinguish that fire,
Run away from that inferno and
Just ignore that blaze.”
No, My Precious,
Allow me to love you
Without being anchored,
Without being chained,
Without enclosures and
Without boundaries.
May we continue to be for each other
A well of true love,
A stream of genuine joy,
A creek of tenderness,
A river of affection and
An ocean of comfort.
© François DulaPay

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