Thanksgiving Day
Right now is Thanksgiving Day,
A moment to think and to praise.
Even though you did not ask, but if I may,
Reflect my thoughts in some special ways.
We do have our health,
No problem of getting food.
We are not rich, but we have wealth,
Cause He knows our sorrow and agonizing mood.
We can hear, smell and speak,
So many are not blessed with that.
Hope we both realize and seek
To stay with Him so our challenge will be met.
Our aim is always for more,
Difficult to be satisfied and at peace.
We like to fly as the eagles soar,
But then – when His stream of blessings freeze?
We complain or get mad at our mate,
Because we could not make a blessing count.
Let us love Him before it is too late,
Only then will our lives be rich and sound.
Let us give thanks regardless of our pain,
Appreciating that we can work and see
God's hand in our loss and our gain.
It is all that He established for you and me.
Giving thanks is a good attitude,
It makes us richer every day.
Show to one another our gratitude,
Especially to Him on this Thanksgiving Day.
© François DulaPay

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