Year’s End
Heavenly Father another year has gone by,
In which there were tribulations and pains.
In prayers, we often asked for the reasons why,
Not always understanding your blessings and our gains.
How true it is when we completely surrender
To your calling, your Word and your way,
We experience the Shepherd, who is caring and tender
And will guide us in the coming year, every day.
It is in our own selfish interest, stubbornness and fear,
That we reject your promise of true rest.
We pray, dear God, give us strength so we can bear
What was and is, and to stand in your test.
Thank you Lord for the year that has past.
We pray for faith to be able to see beyond
Knowing that your companionship will last
To the end of the age, when we accept your bond.
Thank you Father for our health.
May we treat our bodies as your temple,
Not being concerned about earthly wealth,
But being for others a true Christian example.
Thank you Lord for housing, clothing and food.
For studying your Word and listening to your voice.
May we be always meek and never rude,
Shine your light upon us when we make a choice.
Thank you Father for the everyday safety on the road.
For our Christian friends — to us so very dear,
With whom to share our burdens and to ease the load.
Praises to you, O Lord, for all these blessings of last year.
© François DulaPay

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