Over the Years
Over the years you have
Shown me by being
My best friend,
My reliable companion,
My passionate beloved and
My irreplaceable mate.
You were for me,
A Chinese gong of announcing great happenings,
An African drum of bringing forth marvelous excitements,
An Irish flute of playing melodious tunes,
A Spanish guitar of inviting me to thrilling dances, and
An Italian violin of enticing me to enjoy your tender solos.
In all things you had ceaselessly
A perfect balance and perfect timing
In your love, in your passion and
In your music.
You were a master in applying
Adagissimo, Appassionato and Allegro.
The sounds of your harp
Were always soothing.
The tones of your French horn
Were always captivating, and
The notes of your violin
Catapulted me to higher elevations.
Oh, my love, my precious,
How can I thank you
For your preludes and overtures?
Other than to say
I am totally yours
Now and forevermore.
© François DulaPay

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